Vibe Collective creating great nights

Vibe Collective has been creating some fine resident nights over the last couple of years with their highly creative shows around the hot spots of Bali nightlife. There are two DJs with plenty of experience behind them involved in the collective; Fran Tinez (ES) and Simo White (IT). The Beat spoke to Fran and Simo recently about Vibe and the groove it brings to town. 

They started Vibe Collective in April, 2021 at Neverland in Canggu. They held six super successful parties there that year, but sadly the outdoor/indoor club lost the fight during the pandemic and closed, but Vibe lifted to the challenge. The lads explain. 

“After Neverland, Red Ruby became our home, first the ‘Rorschach’ parties on Sundays and later we started a monthly show called ‘Circus’ held on Fridays. We had some great shows called ‘Vibe Be Wild’ edition at Ulu Cliffhouse deck for over a year too. Circus already has two years under its belt and it is working well, the brand is solid.” 

Where else has Vibe Collective been pumping up the night?
“We’ve held parties in other venues like Canna, Kabana, Tropical Temptation, Shady Pig…. And  we did some cool parties at Velvet Room too,” says Simo.

What is the Vibe concept? 
“Vibe is rooted in quality electronic dance music. House, and tech house have become our main genres. Circus embodies a happier vibe with circus-themed decorations and entertainment,” explains Fran. “Rorschach, named after a psychology test, maintains a more underground and serious music atmosphere.” 

What’s the benefit of having a DJ collective? 
“It allows us to have our own musical vision and create collaboration with other artists or collectives that play the same kind of music. Also it’s good for building a community and also we can make some extra money as an event organizer.” 

What do you expect to come in 2024? 
“Our goal is to continue doing what we love—creating vibrant parties where people can laugh and dance all night long. Red Ruby supports us as our home club, right now and we imagine it will continue that way. We aim to enhance our parties and remain true to ourselves.”


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