Editorial. This week in Bali

Last Saturday night we dropped over to La Brisa, which was popping with the grinding beats of the No Request show and La Brisa’s new laser light extravaganza on the dance floor. It was packed. The crowd was a friendly bunch, too, with good spirits all around. We had a great time boogying to the music of Jasper James et al. A little bit warm perhaps, but that is what you get at an outdoor show.

There appears to be a lot of people griping on about Bali’s over- tourism again lately. One popular post doing the rounds right now goes on about the end of Bali as we know it, posted by a foreigner who apparently has set up two tattoo shops in Kuta catering to the abundance of tourists flocking to these shores. I’ve been coming to Bali for many decades and I have always heard people complaining about the future of the island, saying they will leave because it is getting too busy, etc. It is nothing new and most never really do it. Nowadays, there is definitely more of everything, people in particular, which obviously makes the roads busier. However, as I always point out, to anyone who brings up the subject, just drive half an hour that way (maybe it is an hour nowadays) and you will find a slower Bali way of life. There are still plenty of places the same as they have been forever on this island. The southern part of Bali is not one of them, but it is still manageable. As we all know, it is the government’s responsibility to create some town planning and get the macet rolling. But until then, enjoy the ride, it will change at the eleventh hour, right when you didn’t expect it. That’s the way it happens in Bali.  Peace out.

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Highlights this week?  There are always plenty of parties and shows on around the traps…. Bali never ceases to amaze!  Check out all the events, both main and regular, on thebeatbali.com/bali-events. Happy week to you all.

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