september, 2023

Bali's No1 Nightlife Guide

About The Beat. On these pages you will find all the Bali nightlife information you need whether you are on holidays for the first time on this awesome island, or if you have been living here your whole life. Bali is a great place to be at any time of the year and the nightlife turns it on for young and old–there is literally something for everyone. Check below for general information in regards to all things Bali nightlife, click here for Bali events today, this week, next month and more. 

september, 2023

Welcome to The Beat magazine.  

Editorial.  The party goes on… There are so many events on at the moment and so many people in town, or at least cars on the roads. The traffic’s gone ballistic this week. Most venues are saying September has been a pump and doesn’t look like slowing down. Maybe it’s the weather. The weather has been amazing on the island, it has to be the best (the driest) dry season on record, the best for holiday makers, not sure about the farmers, though. Take advantage of it, folks. Enjoy your time on the island.

Highlights this week?  There is always plenty on around the traps…. Bali never ceases to amaze!  Check it all out in the above events slider or go to thebeatbali.com/bali-events to see all the coming events. Happy week to you all.

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The Heart Beat

The Heart Beat

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The Best Nightclubs in Bali

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All You Need to Know about Bali Nightlife

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Venue Event Photos

All the latest photos from the major events from around Bali venues