Mr Rose Bali is Back

The Beat spoke with Mr Rose Bali, also known as Mikail, about The Rose Bali and the event they are holding next week at Jenja.

The Rose’s first event was back in the Summer of 2019, and from that day it has slowly built into a formidable, stand alone and totally original party concept and event. There have only been five events in the last four years, so don’t blink, or you will miss it.

Mr Rose Bali receiving some attention from dancers at The Rose Party at Opera in 2019

The Rose Bali loves pole dancers, progressive and tech house music, legendary DJs, and of course, lovely ladies from Indonesia and around the world. Let’s find out more.

So, they call you Mr Rose Bali, correct?

Yes, you’re right. I am the founder and creator of The Rose.

Tell me more about The Rose and what it is all about.

When you come to The Rose events, you step into my world. This is how I like to go out, when I go out. Where men behave like gentleman, as I am. Also, the most mysterious, elegant flower on earth is the rose.

How does The Rose party look, like, what happens?

We start the night with a great dinner, watch a mind blowing show, then our DJ talents take over and we go super VVIP. Yes, you heard it right, not just VIP, but super VVIP!

So, is this a show only for VIPs?

Our general admission guests can also enjoy a mind blowing show when they come to The Rose. Our aim is to give you, everyone, a night to remember and we only do each concept once. So, that’s a big reason to come to every event, because we are not going to do the same thing again.

What can punters expect next week, August 9 at Jenja?

We go till morning with the legends of Indonesia and the finest of Bali. Two pole dancers. You can expect an amazing night till sunrise and beyond.

What is the essence of The Rose?

I would say it’s a great Indonesian/Dutch style nightlife mix.

How do you see the future of The Rose?

Our goal is to become a worldwide franchise where we supply the talent, shows, dancers, like a big connected family, and our team is working hard on that as we speak. We are also looking at opening a club soon. Watch us to see what will happen next. The Rose will grow all over the world.

Last words?

We are unpredictable, but you can count on this – you will have one of the best nights of your life.

The Rose Bali at Jenja Bali – next Wednesday August 9, 2023

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