Folamour Chilling in Bali before the big show this Wednesday

Dj Producer and all round fun guy, Folamour is in Bali this week for a very special show this Wednesday night at Ulu Cliffhouse.

Folamour’s coming off a hectic tour of South America and has been here living the Bali dream since last Friday getting some down time and relaxing a bit. He said on his IG that the South American tour “was a lot of travel and no sleep but met so many beautiful people and discovered so much more from the different cultures in the countries I’ve visited, I’m inspired for months.” He also said he was on my way to Bali for some time off before the gig in Uluwatu this week.

One of his break through moments was dropping an ABBA track at Boiler Room in 2019, but you could say that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the music he actually spins. His music is as infectiously fun as his demeanor in life and on stage. Vocal, fun, even classic, house tunes is the name of his game. He said recently in an interview that he regretted being for evermore linked to ABBA as a DJ artist, but I’m sure he knows a great track when he sees it, just like we do. I have seen a few rare times on YouTube when he drops that ABBA track and it is a total banger! Check below.

He’s been in Bali staying up Ubud way and seems to be enjoying the down time. “I’m recharging my soul in Bali for few days before my gig here next week and the Australian tour and this place is absolutely unreal. Magical and inspirational energy straight from the earth and its beauty,” he said the first day here.

Looks like he is having a great time chilling in Bali. There are images of him by the tropical pool, at waterfalls, making music in the villa, walking in the forests, and even seen entering the Pyramids of Chi in Ubud in one image. Now that’s taking the chill to the total next level!

And just today Folamour said to his many fans via Instagram, “The Bali life is truly something else and I’m living it to the fullest, but the truth is I’m buzzing to be back to that music thing!”

That starts again on Wednesday evening at Ulu Cliffhouse. Be there early to grab your spot.

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