Balinese Ritual | Woobar

Barman: Made Ville

If there’s one place that speaks endless vibrancy and swanky vibes, it’s the W Hotel and their well known Woobar! As we enthusiastically entered the hotel’s insta-famous bamboo arch drive and made the walk through beautiful tiered swimming pools and glossy palm trees, we were greeted by their ever so charming mixologist, Made Ville!

Introducing, “The Balinese Ritual”, a homage to the island and inspired by its daily offerings.

This bright and enticing cocktail is stirred with gin, sacco vermouth, holy essence and home tangerine liquer. Made Ville describes it as a light alternative to a negroni, replacing the usual Campari with their homemade W tangerine liqueur, infused with elder flowers and vodka.

And to no fail, it was love at first sip. A harmonious balance of sweetness and bitterness from its tangerine zest. It’s an immersive “W twist” on a classic style cocktail, to be appreciated in every sip beside a Seminyak sunset, over the glistening waters of the Indian Ocean.

All in all, our Woobar experience leaves us in no wonder as to how they managed bagged a spot on Marriot group’s top 52 bars and restaurants!

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