Salazon | Indonesian Rijstaffel Rice

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Chef: Salazon

For those looking for an authentic taste of Indonesia, try the Indonesian Rijstaffel Rice at Salazon. The Rijstaffel is a feast in itself, with many self-contained dishes that capture the diverse flavors of the vast Indonesian archipelago.

The meal is centered around some of the nation’s culinary heavy-hitters including a colorful turmeric-coconut chicken curry, rich soy-braised pork, succulent fall-apart spiced beef, shredded chicken in spicy sambal, and zesty mixed vegetable lawar. If that weren’t enough, a selection of smoky chicken, beef and fish skewers are also included.

Last, but not least, the incredibly crispy paru adds an unbelievable texture to each bite—definitely one of our favorites. To top it all off, the meal is served with four sets of unique sambals each with its own distinct flavor.

The Indonesian Rijstaffel Rice is as much a feast for the senses as it is for the belly; you’ll find no shortage of flavors and aromas in this dish! If you’re looking to eat your way around the country and do it cheaply, look no further then this insane value of a meal at just IDR 175K per person.

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