Kuncir Sathya Viku

Kuncir Sathya Viku lives in the traditional surroundings of Tabanan, Bali. His hometown is what inspires him to paint the ancient culture of Bali. Although many are considered taboo, Kuncir is able to make his artwork known by presenting them in a more modern way. Having graduated from an art institute in Bali, he told a long story about the influence of the Balinese Rerajahan culture and how it was applied to the works he has made.
How did you get into painting?
My story is probably similar to other artists. I got into the art world at the same time as I got into the art institution. I wasn’t able to get into the college of my parents’ choice and I saw an enrollment opening in one of art institutions in Denpasar, so I that became my choice. Painting is a little bit of a shift from me since in college I chose Visual Communication Design as my major. However, I have liked to paint ever since high school and despite my major in college, I was also taught to paint traditionally.
What do you paint?
I paint traditional objects fused with a modern style. I live in a very traditional place, surrounded by traditional things like gamelan and traditional dance. However, I’m not really keen on traditional subjects since I have enough of them at home. So, I draw modern art instead, including a variation of modern cartoons. Nevertheless, I realize that somehow it wasn’t right, that I must not deny my roots of tradition. So, I had an idea to combine them all.
What techniques do you use in your painting?
Honestly, I can not really tell the exact techniques I used for my painting. However, I can say that I always play with the mix of colors using acrylics paint. I use that to paint on plywood, canvas and even t-shirts. I always try to imply simplicity in my painting because I love being simple.
What do you want to convey through your painting?
Most of my painting tell my perspective on how I see our life. How I see the social condition and the things that bother me about it. I am not the kind of person who can speak loudly and march on the street to protest so I protest through my painting. If you see my paintings, you can find comedy, a few vulgar images and strong traditional touches as well. I really appreciate the artist who can bring their tradition to their artwork.


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