Friday Bali Resident

This is a quick Friday Q&A with a Bali resident DJ

This week KOYUKI

Where are you from?


How did you first get into electronic music? Like, was there a moment it all made sense?
As a youngster, I think it was early 2000’s, when I walked into Stadium. It was a new sound that DJ Mumu and DJ Bobby brought to Indonesia back then.

What do you think makes electronic music and clubbing so good?
Back in the day it was about releasing daily life on the dancefloor. Nowadays it’s more about seeing people enjoy and dance with the music I play.

Do you produce music? Yes I do. I just released my first album of drum and bass tracks called Between The Subs.

Cover of Koyuki’s new album, Between the Subs

How would you describe your music you make or play? When it comes to drum and bass, fast and energetic. It varies from happy to dark. I like to play groovy, flat and minimal techno as well, and of course, I have my daily sunset sets with disco elements.

What’s your favourite area in Bali to hang out (day-time)?
Kintamani. It’s beautiful up there, the temperature is nice and a dip in the hotsprings is very relaxing.

What’s your favourite place in Bali at night (where you don’t work)?
Mejan is one of the places I go if there’s an international booking. It’s underground and experimental.

Where are you a resident, or DJ regularly?
Finns Beach Club, Old Man’s, Hatch Bali, Karma Beach Club, Ulu Cliffhouse.


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