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A beginning of healing experience in Legian

Despite its simplicity and compact size, Ula Spa is a real hidden gem in the pampering world of spas. Occupying the 6th floor of Akmani Legian, this spa is adorned with calm blue and white colors. Moreover, as we step into the lobby, we are greeted by the stylish minimalist and modern design of the spa, as well as their friendly and hospitable staff. To start, we were served a warm ginger drink while we chose the treatment for the day.

The treatments listed on their menu offer a fusion of traditional and modern techniques combined with natural elements such as their bamboo and hot stone massage. However, their most popular 60 minute treatment “Balinese Massage” (IDR 230K++) was our choice for the day. While we layed on the treatment chamber overlooking the beautiful blue sky and the flower garden on the hotel’s rooftop, we enjoyed a relaxing massage from head to toe using Ula Spa’s authentic selection of aromatherapy oils.

To start the calming journey, the therapist delicately bathed our feet with lavender sea salt water. Then, after lying face-down on the massage bed, the therapist started to give us light pressure on the legs then continued to apply a combination of stretching, acupressure and Swedish massage techniques to the whole area of our back. Throughout the session, we experienced the tense feeling of our muscles starting to loosen up. The pressure and gliding movements took us to a deeper state of relaxation. Afterwards, while facing upward, we were also pampered by a soothing and pain relieving set of massage techniques on our head. Finally, after finishing the treatment, the therapist let us take some time to rest.

The products used for all treatments at Ula Spa are crafted by local Balinese with authentic local ingredients. You can choose one out of four options of aromatherapy oils provided for the “Balinese Massage” treatment including Cempaka flower, Lemongrass, Greentea and Lavender.

There are so many charms hidden behind the simplicity of Ula Spa, including the friendliness of the staff which creates a nice start for the journey, not to mention the complete package of healing and beauty treatments. The location of the treatment room which overlooks the hotel’s pool and flower-filled rooftop also made this pampering experience unforgettable.

Ula Spa
Akmani Legian, Jl. Raya Legian No. 91, Kuta
T. 333 9191


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