Green Apple Spa

The goodness at this new spa is worth every penny you spend.
Green Apple Spa is located across the road from Apple Villas & Apartments in Kerobokan. This relatively new spa is simple, but designed fittingly to emphasize its homey vibe. The décor uses carved and crafted wooden furniture to embrace its natural Balinese motifs, coupled with the soothing turquoise-colored tiles, walls and ornaments that provide a positive mood. Aside from its look, Green Apple Spa also has adequate facilities, housing a single room and three couple rooms, as well as a treatment room for reflexology.
We tried their “Apple Signature” (280k for single treatment), consisting of foot ritual, Balinese massage and body scrub, plus the refreshing milk and flower bath to end the session. It started with the refreshing foot wash, using lime and lemongrass in warm water, plus green tea scrub to cleanse our feet. Moving to the appointed room, our therapist began the Balinese massage. The massage used traditional techniques which consisted of firm finger, palm and elbow pressure that worked on the perfect points precisely, resulting in relieved muscles. It was followed by an aromatic body scrub, ended with a cup of warm ginger while we soak in a warm, moisturizing milk and flower bath.
Green Apple Spa lets their guests to pick one out of the three aromatherapy oils for this treatment. Jasmine oil, with its soothing fragrance, is used to help increase alertness and arousal. Sandalwood oil, with its exotic fragrance, can be very helpful in managing stress. Fruit oil, on the other hand, is a good option to moisturize and replenish dry skin. For the scrub, they use natural apple scrub which acts as a natural exfoliator.

This newly-opened spa has met most of the requirements that guests normally expect to see, and we think that it is very satisfying. Their new spa building is well-polished, cozy and clean. Their minimal spaces are designed thoughtfully to give guests an invigorating experience. Their staff is very welcoming and super friendly. Their treatments are well-designed. With the prices that won’t break the bank, plus the 30% discount promo currently on offer, we are pretty sure that you won’t regret visiting them.
Green Apple Spa
Apple Villas & Apartment, Jl. Raya Anyar 333B, Kerobokan
T. 900 2693


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