Cocoon Beach Club Spa

Not just a setting for fun pool parties and great dining, Cocoon also offers wonderful must-try massage treatments.
Cocoon’s fun-in-the-sun vibe certainly makes it a cool place to lounge around day or night. One of the prominent fixtures in the Seminyak Beach area, the beach club offers a great cocktail list, delicious Mediterranean menu, and an infinity pool that plays host to all sorts of sunset parties. If you prefer to chill and get pampered, then try one of their massage treatments that you can enjoy open-air on the daybeds or in spacious cabanas. Yup, it’ll be a by-the-beach style treatment—but better!
We gave the Foot Reflexology (180k) a shot: a 60-minute treatment that apart from being a simple good ol’ fashioned massage also utilizes two small wooden tools. The first was a hammer-like tool that our kind therapist used to “open” up the nerves by gently hitting it on the soles and toes (she’ll use it again later to “close” the nerves), then it’s followed by a solid foot massage to further relax our tired feet. The next tool is a wooden stick that she uses to apply pressures on certain points on our soles which correspond to a specific organ in our body from the reproductive organ, colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, throat, ear and even to the cerebellum (or little brain). If you feel pain even with the slightest pressure—don’t panic! Our therapist explained that the pain might simply indicate an unfit or tired body. The treatment continued with a thoroughly satisfying massage of the whole leg area, as well as the back and shoulder.

The treatment only uses one massage oil with a mixture of the relaxing yet reinvigorating peppermint, lavender, and ginger.  All three of these oils possess joint-relaxing and muscle-cooling properties with the ginger further helping in warming and thus opening and relaxing the body.
Other than offering a good solid massage, the treatment may also give you a sort of wake-up call as it tells you which part of your body needs more attention. As a whole the sa treament is purely satisfying, especially since it concentrates on one of the most important—and busiest—parts of our body which are oddly often neglected: our feet.
Give them a good spoil sometime—you’ll really start the day on the right foot!
Cocoon Beach Club
Jalan Double Six, Seminyak
T. 731 266


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