ARC Anti-aging Beauty Clinics

The best of beauty care here.
Set on Sunset Road, ARC Anti-aging Beauty Clinics is well known to be one of the best aesthetic destinations in the island. A spacious lobby area leads through to a corridor that reveals a multitude of informal seating areas, private consultation rooms and treatment rooms. The white-dominated interior is kept simple yet elegant, with a grey rug that creates a warm atmosphere.
It was time to put on a happy face, so we opted for their “Microdermabrasion Oxygen Therapy Facial” (680k), a two-hour face treatment that was definitely a great deal for our face. The microdermabrasion itself is an exfoliation process of the skin to diminish fine facial lines and wrinkles, working by removing the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells in sun-damaged skin to reveal clearer and healthier skin beneath. With the help of the oxygen therapy, this treatment won’t only help face problems, but also aids in bringing back a glow to the skin. To begin with, we got our hands sprayed with anti-septic to help keep the whole treatment hygienic. After a face cleansing, the microdermabrasion began, performed with special equipment which was held at a precise angle to the skin for the best exfoliation. Done with this, it was then a second cleansing, followed by the toner application. What came after was a lovely face massage which helps to get you relaxed before the blackhead removal process begins, with a high-frequency process to prevent inflammation, improve blood circulation and close the pores. The final steps are the minty face mask application and a rejuvenating oxygen therapy, finalised with the finishing cream application for a fresher and lighter face which made us feel so good.
The treatments here use two advanced beauty brands, which are La Rose Blanche and Nelly De Vuyst. La Rose Blanche products are known to use the best active and natural ingredients from France, with the advanced formulations coming from years of research and development that deliver clinically-proven results. Not to be outdone by the first brand, Nelly De Vuyst has a longstanding reputation as one of the most effective and corrective brands on the market, with the products known to combine the finest of science and nature for long-lasting results.
As the first for its kind in Bali, ARC Anti-aging Beauty Clinics has always been taking the issues of beauty seriously, offering comprehensive care for women and men. It is complete with state-of-the-art facilities which are designed to promote wellbeing from the inside out. For November, they offer “Beautician Facial Treatment of the Month” where you can get 20% discount on all treatments
ARC Anti-aging Beauty Clinics
Jl. Sunset Road No. 819, Kuta
T. 754 645/750 982


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