Trash dumpers beware

The Badung government has decided to take action against people throwing trash onto the side of the roads, sewers and rivers. Hotspots will be monitored and people sanctioned with a maximum fine of Rp. 25 million or three-months jail. “This is not just bluffing’’ said PP Badung Chief of Police, IGAK Suryanegara to Bali Express. His party, being the enforcer of the Regional Regulation, have partnered with the local Environmental and Hygiene Service (DLHK). They have already imposed sanctions on several offenders in Jimbaran and Kuta by imposing fines of Rp. 1 million in accordance with the provisions of the regulation. “It seems that public awareness is still lacking and the river is still the top spot to dump waste” explained Head of Water Rescources (SDA), Anak Agung Dalem. Hopefully these fines will deter any further littering to the Bandung area. News from Seminyak Times.

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