Practice Your Yoga AT FINNS

We have to agree that yoga is an ideal way to develop strength, as well as gaining flexibility along with a more holistic approach to a healthy body. If you feel like practicing your yoga right now, then head to Finns Recreation Club and join their yoga classes. Offering three different yoga classes as part of its weekly fitness schedule, the classes run for ninety minutes, taking place in their spacious air-conditioned fitness studio. One of these sessions is led by local yoga guru, I Wayan Wistika or better known to many as Marcus, who has more than 17 years of yoga experience. Join them to experience yoga for yourself on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 10 am. Platinum and Gold Finns Bali members are able enjoy the benefit of free classes, including Marcus’s yoga. Social Memberships are also available, starting from 400K for a weekly membership. For more information, go to


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