Mac Pedari’s Full Moon Parties

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Mac has been organizing parties on the island for a while now either independently or as part of some of the most successful clubs on the island. He’s also doing a full moon party this Christmas so we decided to ask him about it.
Introduce yourself
Mac Pedari, club owner, club consultant and signature event organizer. Mint, Pyramid and soon Opivm.
Give us a rundown on what your full moon parties are all about.
Full Moon parties originated in Haad Rin on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand. I started the Bali Full Moon Parties in Echo Beach, Canggu in September 2015. We have already gone through three Full Moons and over a few thousand visitors already. It is all about celebrating with nature, mother earth and our moon, together with hundreds of joyful people and amazing tunes from early night until 3 to 4am. This event is presented every full moon every month of the year. Our next party will be on Christmas day which is December 25, 2015.
Together with our signature free UV-painting for public, great sound system and music we welcome all Bali residence and visitors to join us and enjoy the only monthly beach party in Bali.
Nice, we’ve realized that you’ve been putting your name on a lot of parties recently. How does Mac Pedari the man differ from Mac Pedari the brand?
Well, while awaiting the finishing touches on Opivm, I decided to go ahead and do a few signature events such as the Full Moon series and the Rooftop series. After being active in the entertainment business for the past eight years here in Bali, using my own name as the brand name came naturally. It is literally not based on ego but the fact of public interest in what I do and how I do it. After a few successful clubs logically a fan base and list is developed. With that said I work extremly hard and so does my team to achieve what we present to the public. So we are aware that we always have to earn our respect and goals.
So what kind of music do these full moon parties play?
That is actually a very wide question and answer… The Full Moon parties are about the people, actually as any other party should be. We have all around DJ’s that satisfy the crowd’s house to dance apetite. With a little bit of Techno in the later hours.
So what kind of party person are you appealing to with these parties?
We would like everyone to come down because the Full Moon Parties are, as mentioned, about the natural vibe and what’s happening around it as in entertainment etc. So anyone who is in any party mood is welcome and as we have noticed on the latest Full Moon party, which was on Wednesday November 25, the crowd were literally all jumping up and down to the tunes which were played.
When’s and where is the next full moon party and what do you envision it being like?
The next Full Moon Party will be on Friday, December 25 at Echo Beach as usual. We would like everyone to come and experience the Christmas Full Moon Party which will have a bunch of UV Santa Clauses running around. Beginning at 10pm until 4am
Oh wow, what kind of Christmas stuff will there be? ?Elves? Gift exchange? Egg nog?
Egg nog… Yes.
Santa… Yes.
Elves… Waiting their reply.
Gift exchange… Damn right.
Also… A shooting Star.

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