Mac Pedari was born and raised in Dubai and has been on the island eight years putting his brand and style on many venues around town including Kuta’s M Bar Go, Seminyak’s Mint and most recently Pyramid. He’s back with a brand new concept and venue, OPIVM on Jalan Dhyana Pura. The Beat spoke with Mac OPIVM about the new venture. 
Tell us about why you decided to open Opivm.
As one of the owners and general manager, Opivm is what I envision a premium night club has to be like and what actually is missing on the island, and that is the main reason why I have opened Opivm.
What kind of concept did you choose for Opivm?
I am bringing the best music, premium alcohol, butler services and performers under the same roof and creating an atmosphere with love and harmony. Our house vodka pour is Belvedere and our pouring measurements are 4.5cl, the highest on the Island. Moet & Chandon is our house champagne pour and we just love hearing them pop all over the club.
What kind of a crowd are you attracting?
After having been open for only four weeks now, Opivm has grown fast to be the choice of expatriots and locals living in Bali as well as tourists that are pouring in by numbers. Our Russian fan base is huge, we already have bookings directly made from Moscow which we are thankful for. I believe our pictures in different publications speak for themselves.
Who are your residents and what kind of musical style does each posses?
Opivm is all about “premium house music”, at least that’s what I call it.
Shammui from Singapore, me and him go way back and we made Pyramid happen together, he’s an amazing human and a very talented DJ.
Oskar from Germany, better know as DJ Styline, a Youtube sensation has one of the happiest and most energetic music I have ever listened to. He is a producer as well which makes his sets even more personal. We just met but we had each other at “hello”.
Ben Burgess from England is a dedicated and fierce, talented top to toe. Honored to have him as a resident.
Pucster from Belgium, amazing woman, great and fun to be around. One of the freshest sounds out there, great following and its very understandable why.
Aleks from the Ukraine, another DJ/producer who is universal, grand and does not joke around when it comes to music and sound, love his professionalism.
Ian Taylor from England, met him recently, played at Opivm once and I made the decision on spot. This man has as big of a heart as he has  music tracks. Very disciplined and supportive. But don’t be fooled by his kind looks, he can get dark in his music and keep you sleepless.
Any big parties coming up in the next few months?
Absolutely… January is my first month with Opivm where I adjust and fine tuned everything in house… February I begin going crazy and all over the map, I have already booked acts that will surprise everyone and as well as acts that have never even been on this side of the world.
What sets Opium apart from the rest of the pack?
Everything, literally everything
What kind of fancy cocktails do you guys have?
We serve all the classics to Batidas and Cuban specialties. We have a specific bar on our second floor that serves all the cocktails in a very lounge-style atmosphere.
Any food options?
No food, but I’m presenting a few premium delicacies very soon which I can not mention for now, too many copy cats out there.
One last message.
You read what I’ve said, but don’t take my word for it. Come, see and decide by yourselves.
Thank you and let the universe bless us all.


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