Aly & Fila

Aly & Fila are two of the most re-known Egyptian DJs and producers on this planet! They have toured from country to country showing their highly invigorating style of trance at some of the world’s busiest clubs and festivals. They took a bit of time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions about their past, their present and the future!
Who are we speaking to?
Hi this is Fila from Aly & Fila
How long have you known each other and how did you meet?
We have known each around 30 years , we met in school
How is today treating you compared to the first day of 2016?
Both similar , very happy
How often do you guys party compared to work/DJ?
Never , we are always touring and working apart from time with our families
Did you have a favourite track when you were growing up? Do you still listen to it now?
Paul Van Dyk – for An Angel – we sometimes play it also in our sets – what a track
Take us through a day in the life of Aly & Fila when you aren’t working.
Its all about family, spending time with our loved ones , and also having nice food , relaxing time
Are there any events that you look forward too every year?
We always look forward to every event we play at , each crowd and place and event is special in its own way, our own FSOE celebrations each summer are also a big highlight
How often have you been to Indonesia? What do you think about the nightlife scene here?
Must be at least 10 times now , the crowds love their trance and Indotrance is a big trance community , its great to see the sound being pushed hard in Asia and Indonesia
Your last album “The Other Shore” was amazing! Any news on the release of a fourth album?
Thank you , yes we are working on the next album scheduled for release early 2017
Any upcoming producers/DJs you guys have been working with or want to shout out?
Ferry Tayle, Dan Stone, Darren Porter, James Dymond, Arctic Moon , Mohamed Ragab, Fady & Mina, Factor B (from Australia), A&Z, LTN – there are many more
Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? Can you see anything to changing?
5 years older only


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