Four On Drupadi

A lovely villa with vibrant cultural charms in the heart of Seminyak.
Four on Drupadi is an alluring haven, perfect for travelers who are seeking intimate and lovable moments to bond with their loved ones. It lies strategically in the heart of Seminyak, this cultural-oriented property is within close walking distance to some of Bali’s most cosmopolitan dining and shopping venues.
Showcasing six different concepts, the villas are designed to reflect different lifestyles. The villas take on the themes from different regions around the world which are recognized for their cultural identities. Overlooking a large tropical garden, each villa is complemented with a stylish interior with a strong touch of culture.
Four on Drupadi is ideal for those who are wishing for a peaceful stay in the middle of vibrant Seminyak. After being renovated in 2013, this property is also perfect for those who admire rich culture and lush greenery, creating a combination that provides an ultimate living experience.
Four On Drupadi - Yuubi (2)
The six villas are named after the word ‘love’ in respective cultures, fashioned accordingly in different interior themes. The villas are the attractive one-bedroom Louisianan Damou, the classic two-bedroom Italian Amore, the decorative two-bedroom Indian Pyaar, the contemporary two-bedroom Japanese Yuubi, the modern one-bedroom Chinese Oaini and the tropical three-bedroom Balinese Cinta. Each villa has its own private pool, bathroom and living room. Other features includes TV with international channels, DVD player, local phone, safety box and Wi-Fi internet connection, as well as a personalized butler that has been trained to serve guests in the most personable manner. A unique dining experience is ready to welcome the guests, with tailored cuisine to complement the theme of each villa. Guests can look forward to savory Indian bites at Pyaar, fresh Japanese dishes at Yuubi, delish steamboat meal at Oaini and tempting satay corner at Cinta. For Damou and Amore, there is an array of Western favorites. Four on Drupadi has its own gym studio for guests’ personal workout. The property’s very own L’Spa is also available for guests to revitalize, providing an extensive array of Balinese and Asian body and face treatments.
amore 2 - fod
Four On Drupadi
Jl. Drupadi No. 4, Seminyak
T. 734 656


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