Surf & Turf Nusa Dua Beach Bali

Most beach clubs around town are pretty content with a swimming pool and a bit of beach to keep the punters happy, but Surf & Turf at Nusa Dua has really upped the ante, with a surf flowrider and waterslides at their beachfront venue.
Overlooking the tranquil lagoon of Mushroom Rock beach, Surf & Turf’s flowrider is the first of its kind in Bali, meaning kids and grown ups alike can hone their skills on the standing wave. Grab a bodyboard or specially designed standup board and try and stand (or kneel) up for as long as you can – something the kids will literally never get bored of, meaning Surf & Turf is absolutely ideal for fun in the sun family days out.
Away from the pool, slides and flowrider, Surf & Turf is a casual beach club venue, with comfy seating options spread over both levels of the two-storey building. Open daily from 9am-9pm for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you could easily lounge away the whole day here, with the options for canoe and bike rentals meaning you can base yourself here and head out exploring on both land and water. Sooner or later the menu will lure you back though, with it’s stellar selection of Western and local dishes to suit everyone’s taste.
Arriving shortly after breakfast, but still outside the realm of lunch, a couple of mates and I find ourselves a spot near the bar. Since this is a family restaurant road test we have kids in tow – all of whom immediately tear off to the flowrider and are barely seen again until we leave hours later, save to periodically return for a slurp of their sodas (Sparkling Green & Red – 35k++) and smoothies (Surfer Tonic – 45k++). Perfecto. Since it’s officially brunch time, we do what all sensible adults do at 11.30am and order up a round of Bloody Marys, which, as it turns out is the Surf & Turf cocktail of the month at just 95k++ a go. Pleased at how well the day is going by this point, we get stuck right into the menu, and order up a serving of the Mushroom Napoleon (65k++), and a good old Greek Salad (70k++) to share, with another round of the Baked Bloody Marys thrown in for good measure.
For the main event, it’s all about the Beef Rendang (80k++) for me. Plucked from the local specialities section, it’s everything a good rendang should be, with soft chunks of slow-cooked beef swimming in that famous Sumatran sauce. Meanwhile, the others check out Surf & Turf’s top-notch tenderloin (245++), and the crowd-pleasing Crispy Salmon (140k++). Like bees around a honeypot, the kids come charging back over at the slightest whiff of our Warm Chocolate Fondant (60k++) and Vanilla Pannacotta (70k++). On the drinks front, we instruct our waitress ‘keep ‘em bloody coming’, and settle in for the afternoon, happy to let the kids wear themselves out while we stick to the sofas.Dan Ashcroft
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Surf & Turf Nusa Dua Beach
BTDC, The Bay, Lot C-0
@surfturfnusadua | T. 8499 166


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