Splash Bistro Restaurant

Hard Rock Hotel’s Splash is an excellent choice for a poolside hotel restaurant.
Splash is located at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali down in front of Kuta Beach in an epically busy part of town in between Beachwalk Mall and Kuta Square. The hotel is right behind the Hard Rock Cafe and its swimming pool can be viewed on the patio of the inland facing side of the cafe. If you look across the very large pool from the cafe, you’ll notice Splash on the other side.
To access splash, all you have to do is enter the hotel and make your way to the pool where the restaurant is located. It’s directly poolside so expect to see people come in and out from the pool in swimwear and towels along with their offspring running in and out of the pool and restaurant. This scene gives Splash a country club like vibe where you see kids having wet fun and parents idly eating and drinking to pass the time.
The interior of the restaurant is pretty utilitarian with semi open kitchens in view and a bar off to the side. The entire venue is pretty much open air and the dining area faces the pool. Servers will wait on you from the pool loungers, which gives it a pretty cool and relaxed vibe. Indeed, if you want to spend the day enjoying Hard Rock Hotel’s huge pool, Splash is an absolute no brainer.
The first thing we tried was the Tower (99k) which was essentially three appetizers on triple decked dishes in a mini scaffold to save table space. The top included wholesome nachos, the middle had buffalo chicken wing and the bottom had crunchy egg rolls. It works as a poolside snack and as a great appetizer.
Next we had heir HRHB Cheeseburger (139) which was built to Hard Rock corporate specifications. It was pure 100 percent certified Angus beef Americana between two buns which is what you come to expect when you go to some place quintessentially American like the Hard Rock franchise.
During dinner, they have an excellent grill and we opted to try their 450g Bali Baby Lobster (300k). It was perfectly grilled and came with a generous helping of herbed butter which is always a good idea to slather on anything in completely excessive amounts. You can never have too much herbed butter on your lobster. The dish also came with a side of grilled vegetables and some French fries.
We also had their Fisherman’s Basket (139k) which was an excellent main course that’s also very easy to share. It came with battered calamari, snapper and shrimp as well as a healthy portion of potato wedges. It also had some creamy remoulade sauce that worked well with this deep fried dish.
Also their Oreo Cheesecake (55k) was extremely notable with its cool creamy texture and Oreo crust. It was something you just need to try if you’re cheesecake enthusiasts like we are.
For refreshments, their Midori Berry Rita (119k) was a deal. It was a huge glass of tequila, Midori, raspberry syrup, margarita mix and cranberry juice. We also had their Double Berry Cooler (85k) which was a mocktail that had cranberry juice, raspberry syrup, sour mix, and lime soda. If you’re a sweet tooth, this drink is for you.
All in all, Splash is an excellent choice within the Hard Rock Hotel, especially if you plan on chilling by their enormous pool.
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Splash Bistro Restaurant @ Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Jl. Pantai Kuta
T. 761869


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