Brazilian Aussie BBQ – December 28, 2016

Already a firm favourite down at Kuta Town Houses, the infamous Brazilian Aussie BBQ has now flung open its doors in Seminyak, much to the joy of meat lovers everywhere.
According to their Brazilian head chef, the churrascaria is a common sight across South America, providing a place for people to meet up and socialize over lively banter, good wine and of course a wedge or four of the finest meat possible. Various cuts of beef, chicken and pork are skewered and grilled on the rotisserie, but these aren’t just any old bits of meat. These cuts are unique Brazilian style, specially imported from Australia and grilled to perfection for the ultimate in carvery joy.

The real beauty of Brazilian Aussie BBQ is the format of how the food is served. The menu is an all-you-can-eat concept whereby for a paltry 165k nett (90k for kids under 10) you can fill up on as much food as you like, from homemade gourmet chorizo or pork sausages to honey glazed chicken wings and steaks. In true churrascaria style, diners are presented first with a small painted wooden top, half green half red. When you’re full, flip it over so red is on top. Hungry for more? Go green and the staff will keep coming over to dole out more meaty goodness direct to your plate. This in itself is quite a spectacle, each massive skewer thinly sliced with a huge knife tableside, which you then pick off with the provided tongs. Anywhere else and you’d think twice about getting too close to a man brandishing a huge knife and half a cow on a skewer, but here you’ll be eagerly calling them over for a taste of every one of the ten different meats on offer.

An extensive salad bar takes care of the sides, where you’ll also find fresh homemade soups, all manner of sauces plus hearty potato dishes and even mac’n’cheese. For a sweet finish you’re in for a treat with the grilled pineapple skewer, which is turned over the grill in the same way as the meats, but then basted in brown sugar syrup, which caramelises with the juice for a flavour that is just out of this world.

Grab a table in the family-friendly, homey style interior and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere 3pm ‘til 11pm, or lap up the al-fresco vibe outside on the decking area. An extensive beverage list features an ample amount of top-notch cocktails and refreshing drinks if that’s your cup of tea, but let’s be honest, good meat demands good wine, so make sure to ask for the wine list and get stuck into something fruity to go with this fantastic meat feast.
Dan Ashcroft

Brazilian Aussie BBQ
Jl. Beraban, Seminyak
0819 9909 4104 |

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