Bali Black Stump

If you are in Bali and a steak lover like me, then Bali Black Stump is a must visit. This place is an ultimate steak haven, not only offering a wide variety of excellent quality steaks – they are served in big portions and are reasonably priced.

I took two friends of mine for a lunch and we were very impressed with the meals. We ordered Bruchetta Rp. 78K and Sesame prawns Rp. 146K for starters and each of us ordered a different type of steak and sides. I opted a 300g Fillet Mignon Rp. 158K for myself and two of my friends ordered a 300g Scotch fillet Rp.165K and a 400g New York cut Rp.178K – all medium rare.

Our starters were served along with an all time favorite Giant Mojito Rp. 85K for me while my friends got themselves the Frozen Mudslide cocktails Rp. 78K, both were fabulous. Bruchetta was perfect and the crumbed king prawns that came with honey dipping sauce were golden crispy and tasty!
Our great looking steaks was served, all three of them together – which is a great plus when you dine with friends. My fillet Mignon was incredibly tender and melted in my mouth, served with delicious cream mushroom sauce, mashed potato and super tasty sauteed bacon – an absolute perfect choice to my taste. My friend’s Scotch fillet with KTH gravy sauce, Lyoness potato and garden salad on the side tasted as beautiful and juicy as mine, I especially loved the KTH gravy sauce and ended up taking half of it. My friend’s New York cut with black pepper sauce, green salad and perfectly cooked French fries was excellent as well. Besides all three steaks cooked to a medium rare perfection, as we requested, the sides they served were amazing and plenty enough to share – the sauteed bacon was definitely a winner.

We ended our meals with some sweetness from their dessert of the day, we shared a delicious Chocolate mousse and lime cheesecake which we absolutely loved – both desserts we’re Rp 32K.

What a sensational lunch!
Situated at the Kuta Town House area on Jalan Poppies Lane 1, Bali Black Stump is open 11am – 11pm everyday offering you a truly exceptional dining experience of not only fabulous Australian imported steaks with awesome choice of sides and sauces and fantastic value for money but also a wide selection of other meals. There is Pizza and pasta to some local favorites, and not to mention a great selection of drinks. Bali Black Stump has your breakfast, lunch and dinner covered. Smoothies, healthy juices and yes… Gelatos are also available!

Bali Black Stump
Jl. Poppies Lane 1, Agung Art Market
Kuta – Bali
Ph : +62 361 761464


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