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Groove master Shiba San is back on the island and scheduled for a show at Finns Beach Club on December 26! The native Parisian has been on an exponentially rising ride since his hit tracks like ‘Okay’ in 2014 and award winning ‘Burn Like Fire’ which was voted best underground track in 2015 for the IDMA/WMC awards. His most recent EP ‘Fearless’ with Green Velvet on his own Relief Records from Chicago takes us through a journey of deep grooves, jacking beats and classically unique vocals. Apart from the incredible releases on labels like Suara, Dirtybird and previously mentioned Relief, Shiba has been pushing his label Basement Leak to another level as he continues to crank up the heat with tracks like ‘Up & Down’ and ‘You Know What’. It’s not often that you have a DJ that is just as good a producer; Shiba San is and has been one of the most outstanding acts to travel the world with his music. We managed to ask him a few questions about his hefty touring schedule and what’s to come in 2018 before the big gig in Berawa.
Hey Shiba, how’s it going? Where are you writing to us from?
Hey! I’m currently on my way to Australia for my six date tour starting in Canberra on Friday. Following the Australia tour my first stop is Bali.
How has 2017 treated you? Do you have any highlights in particular?
2017 has been great for me. I played at some immense festivals and venues including Coachella and BPM Festival in Mexico. I sold out in the biggest clubs in US – such a great feeling when I saw all these people coming out to see me play. Playing mainstage at Escapade was such an experience with so many people. It was so good. I also released an EP with Green Velvet – it was awesome to work with him !
Out of all the festivals and clubs that you get invited to play at, what are some that you always look forward to play again?
I always look forward to playing Movement in Detroit and I hope to get invited to play Coachella again. I had always wanted to play the festival and when I did it was such a great show. I also love playing The Mid in Chicago, Exchange in LA, Space in my home town, Miami, Echostage in DC, so many! I am looking forward to playing more international venues and festivals also.
How do you manage your productions whilst touring? Do you ever hire studios while away? Produce on your flights to the next gig?
I rarely produce whilst on tour since I need to be in a zone to be the most creative. When I’m on the road, I often get inspiration and record my ideas or a sound I want to create or a track idea I would like to build on.
How was it pairing up with Green Velvet? What is the process of starting your ‘Fearless’ EP?
I was with Curtis (Green Velvet) in Montreal where we were playing the same festival. We met in the hotel and that’s when things became really official. He had an ID he wanted me to work on, and I also sent him an ID I was working on. He said he thought it was awesome and asked how I would feel about doing a collaborative EP. I of course thought it was amazing! Those two tracks were ‘Fearless’ and ‘Chance.’
From there he suggested we do another track on the EP, maybe something a bit weirder or a little different so that’s when we worked on ‘Rise.’ And then I was feeling really inspired so I sent him another idea I had which became ‘Think’. So there we go, we had four tracks we were working on together for a full collaborative EP when it was supposed to just be one collab on a solo EP from me… amazing!
It was an amazing experience. We were very complementary to each other’s sounds. He has a really good approach to the music and vocals, I loved it. For Curtis to deliver such a strong vocal with a message, honestly it’s not possible for me to do that by myself. So, I’m very thankful for our work together because of that.
Do you have any releases planned for 2018?
A lot of plans for 2018. A lot of releases to come which I’m currently working on, more collaborations, more tour shows, more festivals. All will be revealed in the coming months! I am also playing in Hawaii in the New Year and all three Lollapalooza’s in South America in the spring which I am really looking forward to.
What about Basement Leak? What are some of your plans for the label in 2018?
To release more music that I love. I get sent music all the time and a lot of great, different sounding tracks which I would like to release on the label. I am also having a Basement Leak stage in Miami which will be a great opportunity to showcase some of the producers that are releasing on the label. I hope to grow the label in 2018.
What are some of your favorite records right now?
Walker & Royce ft Will Clarke – ‘3 4 Shake It’
Cobra Khan – ‘Just Be’
Will Clarke – ‘Techno (not techno)’ (Solardo Remix)
Justin Martin – ‘Nude’ (Justin Martin remix) nude
Fisher – ‘Ya Kiddin’
Finns Beach Club is an outdoor gig, what have you got planned for that one?
Definitely looking forward to this – Outdoor shows have so much energy and the fresh air just brings people alive! I have a few IDs up my sleeve and I plan to just do my thing that the fans enjoy and I look forward to playing for them!


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