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ROAR (RAW open air rooftop fitness) is The Joglo’s most recent project combining yoga, meditation, personal training with body-weight and body awareness sequenced workouts to get the best results for your body.
RAW – meaning authentic, real, without a fad approach to fitness. At ROAR Fitness, balancing as well as variety are key.
A variety of Yoga from Beginners to Vinyasa, to Zumba for both adults and kids are available since the month of April and since there are many family guests at the Joglo, the idea is to make the classes family friendly. Finally, fitness programs for both adults and kids!
ROAR’s current classes feature Hatha Flow, Barre and Sunset Yin on Monday while Tuesday and Thursday offers Vinyasa, Barre Tone and Yin/Meditation. There is Barre Stretch class to get you through Wednesday and Friday and bring you Hatha Yoga, Barre Class and restorative Yin. Deep Stretch Yoga is on at 4.30pm on Saturday and Sunday is time for some strength & mobility and Yin Flow.
ROAR Fitness has added value to The Joglo’s existing and outstanding facility for the whole family to hang out. Eventually, ROAR Meal plans will also be part of the program. So make sure to get their updated schedule as the programs they are offering are growing, booking is essential for all classes!
ROAR Fitness at The Joglo
Jalan Subak Sari no.13 Berawa
Ph. +62 81547463725
By : Nineth Rachma

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