Keenhouse This Weekend

Ken Rangkuty alias Keenhouse will be in Seminyak this weekend and playing at The Beat Cafe together with Ibu Disco from Rumah Dua Tiga a Japanese Indonesian art label based in Seminyak. So who is Keenhouse you may ask? We asked some questions to find out.
Keenhouse: I’m originally from Germany, half Indonesian. I moved to Jakarta about a year ago after 15 years in LA. I’m a composer and music producer covering genres from electronic music to Jazz doing band productions, film and TV music. I’ve gone by the alias Keenhouse since 2008 being active as part of the West Coast chill wave /synth wave movement with artists such as College, Anoraak, Neon Indian, Fabian, and the French Valerie Collective.

As a performer I mostly perform live electronic music using machines and hardware. The live performances are sometimes solo but often feature other musicians including percussionists, singers, and guitars. Later this month (Oct 21) I will be performing live at Mondo by the Rooftop in Jakarta featuring other musicians and a projection mapping show. When I’m not playing live I love to DJ playing mostly Detroid house, techno and disco.
I also represent a company called Elektron Music Machines in Jakarta and will be giving workshops showcasing Elektron’s synth and drum machines. The first workshops will be in Jakarta and hopefully in Denpasar as well in the near future!

I see you have released three albums so far. Tell me about them and how have they progressed?
Keenhouse: Yes there are three albums (2008, 2012, 2015). The first album was probably the poppiest with most of the songs featured in US TV shows. The second album was more of a concept album. The tracks were written in the US, Europe, and Bali. The style ranges from jazzier cuts to new age to techno. The album was originally released as a heavy weight double vinyl edition. The album was originally meant as a music diary hence the name Four Dreams. The third album was mainly done in LA. It’s very 70s oriented overall and features lots of orchestral scoring in the style of 70s jazz combos. The album’s sound is kind of more retro futuristic and less 80s synth wave oriented. We used a lot of old synths and analog hardware for that one. It was a bit of a geek journey for the engineer and me. That album also exists as a Hi Res audio edition.
How do you find being back in Jakarta and Indonesia after your time in LA?
Keenhouse: This is the first time I lived here and it’s great. Lots of really great musicians and art happening here. I really admire that.
What’s next for Keenhouse and Ken Rangkuty?
Keenhouse: I just finished building my production studio in Jakarta and will start working on the next album in the near future. I’m hoping to feature some local talent with that one. For the coming months I’m planning on starting a monthly night here as well for electronic musicians to perform and get together.
What style can we expect at The Beat this Saturday night?
Keenhouse: For this Saturday expect an eclectic mix of deeper shades of house, rare disco cuts mixed with a bit of techno.
Check Keenhouse and Ibu Disco at The Beat Cafe this Saturday Oct 6 from 10 to 12 midnight. Check for other shows.


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