First Surf Foil Program in Indonesia

Rip Curl School of Surf has launched it’s newest Foil program, introduced to the public at an event at the beginning of October at Hotel Prama Sanur Beach. The event featured some of the Rip Curl team riders such as Diah Rahayu, as well as foil surf professionals who shared their expertise and showed those who attended how the sport is done correctly and safely. This program was the first of its kind in Indonesia.

Hydrofoil has gone through many phases of evolution since it’s first use by Enrico Forlanini in 1906, who attached one to his wooden boat which reached speeds of 75km per hour. Hydrofoils were then found to be attached to steel boats, fiberglass boats etc, until the first recreational foils made available in 1960 by having them attached to water skis. Big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and Kai Lenny are two of many big surf names who are known to be the pioneers of foil surf that today has earned its place in the heart of many surfers.

The underwater wings attached to the board fins naturally elevate a significant amount of the wind above the water, allowing you to glide your way through any water conditions, even when there are no waves. Now if you think foil surfing would be easier than a regular surfing, you might want to hold that idea. Due to its different structure to regular surfboards, an understanding to the whole mechanics is required to master the riding techniques properly and safely – and that is exactly what Rip Curl School of Surfing aims to achieve through their newest foil program.

Teamed up with world leaders in foil development such as Airush, Starboard, AK, Smik and Pyzel and of course with the help of their qualified team of IKO & ISA instructors, Rip Curl School of Surf is striving to develop and provide lesson for surfers, kiteboarders, SUP’ers and windsurfers to learn and master the foil. The program ranges from Surf & SUP Foil to Kite & Windsurfing. Introduction lessons are two hours long, covering the brief history of foiling, all the fundamental knowledge about equipment and riding techniques – all programs are fully covered by insurance and include the use of the foil equipment as well as helmets, booties and impact vest. There’s much more to this foil program, go visit Rip Curl School of Surf to find out the lot!


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