The Three Amigos

Berawa’s recent development has seen a huge number of restaurants pop up, but this particular restaurant trio have something great going on. Koi, Bacaro and Bottega Italiana – all situated under the same roof on Jalan Pantai Berawa, have become the one-stop-shop for traditional pasta, pizza and Japanese delights.


Koi focuses primarily on Asian fusion and health-conscious food serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Known for their bang-for-your-buck Sushi with various selections of Sushi, Nigiri, Maki and Sashimi. Their food selection in their display is also popular, with daily cooked healthy meats, vegetables, salads and all types of sides ready to feast straight away. Not to mention the rest of their extensive menu covering breakfast time with smoothie bowls, egg dishes, toasts, sandwiches, wraps, pancakes and much more!


Bacaro is a destination where you can experience two exceptional cultural traditions from Venice and Naples. From Venice, you can delve into the timeless pastime of bàcari, an after-work tradition spent enjoying small bites of food and wine. In neighboring Naples, the cultural heritage and pride & joy of the region – the Pizza. Traditional Neapolitan Pizza to be exact. Using domed, wood-fueled ovens and all the special techniques to replicate the true Neapolitan Pizza using ingredients from Bali and Italy to get that authentic traditional taste.

Bottega Italiana

Slowly seeping their way into every happening area and rightfully so, Bottega Italiana showcases the best of what Italy has to offer. From their fresh pastas and traditional sauces to panini’s, cured meats and cheeses. They have the pasta game down pat – simply choose your sauce (vegan and vegetarian options available) and premium homemade pasta and all your Italian food cravings will be satisfied. This is their fourth location, you can find them in Seminyak, Petitenget and Canggu as well!


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