Tien Hong

Tien Hong is a Balinese artist born in Kintamani. Even though he never imagined himself becoming an artist before he went to ISI (Indonesia Art Institute) Denpasar, today, he have been collaborated with other artists in more than 14 exhibitions. One of them was a recent on-going exhibition at the Griya Santrian, Sanur.

How did you begin your journey as an artist ?
At first, I never imagined I would be an artist, but after I finished high school, I went to ISI, which was a college I had never heard before. It’s just because my brother told me so. Lots of funny and interesting moments happened when I just started studying. There were times when it wasn’t easy, but after the middle of the semester, I began to slowly enjoy it and found my skills totally sharpened.

What genre did you study?
All genres are taught at the college but I found myself interested in abstract painting. Which tends to give more space to the freedom of your imagination. A lot of accidental overlaps that make the colours looks attractive. Basically, abstract is the effort to find the most essential meanings in paintings. An expression of deep feelings after experiencing contemplatation of things that are experienced or seen.

What inspired you most in your artwork?
Nature. Nature gives many colours, as well as paint on weathered walls. Overlapping paint on a weathered boat inadvertently provides many comparisons in colour composition.

Do you have any message you want to convey to your audience?
I have no message to convey. Because abstrack art tends to break away from the elements of nature, or social, environmental issues and other physical nature.


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