Satya Cipta

Art has been part of Satya Cipta’s life since she was very young. She sang at her school events, she took drawing classes and she joined her school theater group. The last activity then sparked her enthusiasm to continue her education at the Jakarta Institute of Arts, taking performing arts as her major in 2006. Departing from her research about the oldest theater tradition in Bali, she later found admiration for the complexity of Batuan paintings. She fell in love with it, leading her to what she does most today – painting. She is part of a special women’s collection at Monkey Forrest Gallery till January 22.
You studied performing arts, but now you also paint. How do they relate?
Performing arts aren’t only about the stage; it’s more than that. Through performing arts, I learn about characters, philosophies and life in detail. The way of thinking I’ve formed through learning performing arts has then supported me to learn more about painting. In my opinion, I just move my stage into a ‘two-dimensional stage’. The rest is the same. Blocking, composition, lighting, character and presentation are not much different. Only, I feel freer in determining the final results of my paintings. Why? Because I’m the creator who determines the narratives.
Do the performing arts inspire or bring influences to your paintings? Where else do your inspiration come from?
Performing arts certainly has a major impact on my creating process because it feels like I’m directing my own ‘two-dimensional stage’. I’m directing scenes, so that the minor roles can support the main objects of my paintings. My paintings are inspired by my many questions about the events around me. It’s usually social and emotional criticisms that I feel as a human being. But now, I feel more connected with the energy of Bali. Its nature is an inspiration for me.
Your paintings’ characteristic?
My paintings’ characteristic lies within its colors. I normally use softer colors; not too bright and a bit brownish. For now, I’m learning to paint in black and white, focusing on how I’m able to create a dramatic ‘scene’ and convey my feelings with only those two colors. Furthermore, I also often add symbolism into my works.
About your paintings exhibited at Monkey Forest Gallery.
One of my exhibited paintings has a different character from my previous paintings which are more into Batuan style. Here, I display strong use of lines as it’s the major force in my paintings, beside the colors I use. I mostly used the techniques that I learned from my teacher, Ketut Budiana, but what I describe here is the honesty of my personal feelings or emotions. I also exhibit another painting in Batuan style, so that visitors can see the transition that has occurred in my creative process. This painting’s inspiration emerged from my visit to Borneo, as well as from their culture.

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