Nuri F. Y

Born and brought up in Yogyakarta, Nuri has always had a creative mind since she was just a little girl. Not able to follow her dream in getting an art degree didn’t stop her from pursuing her passion. Her distinctive artworks involving dark tales presented with acrylic on canvas, fabric and paper as well as clay dolls led her to the opportunity of filling residencies in Yogyakarta and Romania.

How did you begin being an artist?
I was into drawing ever since I was a kid. I got into drawing competitions when I was in elementary and junior high school. However, my father made me stop getting into competitions so that I wouldn’t become an artist. He told me that I need to balance art with a proper formal education. That’s why I studied economic management in Yogyakarta. However, today, I have actively joined art communities and got the chance of residencies in Yogjakarta and Romania.

Do you think it is important for an artist to get a formal art education?
For me personally, it would have sharpened my skills more, especially in my lack of an anatomical form ability. It is hard for me as I don’t have an art degree to join a residency since I always lose to those artists who have. Residencies can help an artist to develop their issues and literature materials related to their artwork. Nevertheless, we’re talking about art, and it is one’s need to solve the capriciousness of their mind.

What makes your art different from others?
Essentially, all artists have the same issue and anxiety about repetition and underlying cause of their story. A visual perspective is what distinguishes one artist from the others. Additionally, my artworks had a naive characteristic and I tend to release the visual border. I think the work that was made from an experience will create a more appealing visual form.

About your art in the “Efek Samping” exhibition?
My art in the exhibition is titled “History About Woman in The Tribe” which tells a story of how the woman in the past can proliferate as intended, with whoever she thinks is best, and give birth to their child that they will raise together. Then, the men wanted a generation to inherit his land, the man chooses a woman to have their child. He feeds and raises them in order to maintain his power.


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