Laila Tifah

Originally coming from Yogyakarta, Laila Tifah had always had a creative mind ever since she was just a little girl. Despite choosing interior design as her major in university, she is now able to make art as her current career path.She always tries to embedded women’s value into her distinctive artworks. She wants to tell her fellow female artist to never let anyone stop you from doing what want to be doing in life.

How did it begin?
Since I was a kid, I grow up watching my father in his workshop. I was very familiar with canvas, oil paint fragrance and brushes. I feel the energy that flows within my father who chose painting as his profession, even though at that time, painting for me was just a hobby. I have not decided yet whether if I will choose painting for the source of my earnings. Actually, I studied Interior design at ISI Yogyakarta, but once I graduated from the university, I chose to persue painting as a profession.

Tell me about your artwork.
I don’t specifically follow any genre or any technique in my works. When I start painting, I usually find something new in process that could be really different from what I planned at the beginning.
I do draw a lot about women. It could be a memorable event, an object that symbolizes women and everything related to women. You can access my collection at or on my Instagram @laila_tifah

What do you want to convey to your audience?
My drawing are mostly directed towards women. Just like my artwork I named “Condroso”. Basically, Condroso is a weapon used by Estri Soldiers (Mangkunegaran Female Soldier) that is concealed in form of a hair accessory. When a soldier is in a pinch, this hair accessory that at a glance looks like a regular accessory, can be a deadly weapon. A soldier can use the Condroso to stab her enemy with the sharp edge. This weapon is not only used in Java, but in Bali as well. I would like to spread the message that women shall be able to protect her being and her dignity as well. Nowadays, using physical force might be inapplicable. However, women can do this by showing intelligence, behavior, and the bravery on expressing her voice.

What is your advice to fellow female artists to stand out in the artist world?
You have to set your goal first. You should decide what is your artwork for. You might be disappointed if you only wish to get money from it. You should be ready for the process. Most women get distracted and stop working once they get married. You should always work on new ideas all the time. Note every idea comes to your mind and see the possibilities. You should archive every work you produce. Never stop working, even though the art is not giving you enough money at the beginning. Consider your early work as an investment on creating the Artist you. You’ll never know, maybe one day, the people will start discussing it.


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