I Ketut Agus Murdika

Coming from Tulikup, Gianyar which is far from the art activity of Bali, Agus Murdika was developing his own interest in art. Even though he wasn’t born into an artist family, he has been close to the art world ever since he was in kindergarten. It started by imitating drawings of cartoons that he saw, he followed his dreams to be an artist by studying art in the Art Institute of Denpasar. He’s now already exhibited his artworks in countless exhibitions since 2008 and owns a gallery in Ubud called Sanka Art Space.

How did you begin your journey as an artist?
It was a simple beginning. When I was in kindergarten, I liked imitating cartoon images. Then it just naturally progressed. I continued drawing until finally I became serious about it. After I finished studying at the Vocational High School in 2008, I decided to enroll into ISI Denpasar with full support from my parents. And finally, I got more productive with my art as a college student. Until now, since I was in college, I am actively participating in some exhibitions in Bali and outside Bali and got the chance to join an exhibition of four countries in Spain in 2013.

What do you draw?
I really love abstract painting. Because, for me abstract painting is an expression of taste, soul and an action of outpouring what’s inside my heart. I really like to explore the fields, colors and enjoy every movement of my brush creating the strokes and lines. Until now, I’ve only been able to find my soul in abstract. My breath is here, in the colors and canvas. Abstract really understands me and it’s a place where I’m able to convey what I feel the most, like happiness, sadness, difficulties in my life, and otherwise.

What do you think of the abstract genre nowadays?
Personally, I think abstract art has always been there, but a few years ago I saw a significant increase in people’s interest towards abstract. At the moment abstract painting is still on the right path, there are still many people who are starting to find their own ways of conveying this style. However, there are also numbers people who are starting to change lanes from abstract, so we don’t really know what abstract’s fate is to be.

What’s your advise to your fellow artists who choose their career path in art?
The most important thing in my opinion is the ability of perseverance, taking the right actions, and a feeling of readiness to fight. Whenever we fight for what we believe the results will never betray the actions we take.


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