The Beat : Yakitori Bloody Mary

 In What Do You Recommend, Barman?

Barman: Yuda
One of the fun, laid back dining options in Seminyak, The Beat Cafe on Jalan Petitenget is where you can find a great mix of sharing dishes like yakitori, Spanish and Mexican food, and of course, a selection of fresh tropical cocktails to complete your day or night’s hang-out. And with the hang-out, comes one sure thing; a concoction just as fresh and extraordinary as their specialty Yakitori Bloody Mary (200k). According to barman Yuda, this concoction has almost all the components of your favorite foods, including celery and coriander, bright tomato juice, spicy tabasco sauce and pungent Worcestershire sauce to pair the double, large shots of vodka, plus the celery-salt rim that makes a nice match to this tomato drink with a punch. As for the garnishes? The famous Yakitori pork (or chicken) skewer and a pork slider, meaty and savory, sitting on top, which pushes this tasty classic up to a whole new level. Eat and drink it today!

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