Editorial. This week in Bali.

We were busy last week. Maybe you noticed, as nowadays the LIVE Instagram feed is being activated at just about every venue we visit around town, for better or for worse. You never know what’s going to happen next when you press that LIVE button, however, it is kinda fun and I hope you enjoy the real cinema verité feel of it. It comes without the fudge, without the hyperbole of what you see everywhere online nowadays – I like that, but it does come with warts and all. I suppose that’s something that has been inherent to The Beat magazine since the beginning, being the real thing, saying how it really is. I believe it said that in the first edition back in 2000. Sometimes it does get you in trouble, But anyway, I get ahead of myself.

We were at the Secana Beachtown Block Party last weekend, which was nothing less than a gala event on the rooftop of A La Folie. Fun times and we got to see a few people I hadn’t seen for a while. It was a bit of a classic opening we haven’t seen for some time in these parts, complete with free drinks. Gotta luv that! Next stop was Sky Garden down in Kuta the same night. The infamous Sky Garden. That place definitely has a feel of its own and I must say, you either get it or you don’t. I suppose we get it and it was/is a load of fun. You know, there is only so much fancy smancy Seminyak/Canggu crowd one can handle and when you need a break just head straight to Sky!

Speaking of the fancy end of town, Savaya opened their new venue in Canggu this week called Desa Kitsune. We had to go for a look on Tuesday when Vintage Culture was spinning (the live feed is still on the Instagram) and it really is nothing less than super fancy. It looks like it will be the place for day parties in the future in the Canggu area. Maybe it will be creating its own competition with its sister ship Savaya in Uluwatu, but I am sure they will figure that out.

And then last night, we were out again to the new club in Seminyak, Odin, which is in the La Favela area of town, and is holding a week long opening party right now, every night until Sunday this week. It is pretty good, the sound was awesome, or maybe that was just the great, almost perfect set from Nacho Corominos last night. Perfect for the gothic underground feel of the place. They also spin hip hop there so keep that that in mind when choosing your moment to go check it out.

That’s it for now. Have a good week, friends. 

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Highlights this week?  There are always plenty of parties and shows on around the traps…. Bali never ceases to amaze!  Check out all the events, both main and regular, on thebeatbali.com/bali-events. Happy week to you all.

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