Editorial. This week in Bali.

It is very busy around the island right now. Just getting down the shops from the house in Berawa was a mission earlier today. It was like being on the screen of an arcade machine; people, cars, bikes heading in every direction and seemed most of the time heading directly at you. I held fast and managed to get home in one piece. Let’s hope everyone takes it easy, slowly and surely is the best policy, dear friends.

Last week was also kinda mad. After the Potato Head rock show on Tuesday, which I spoke about last week, we were out again on Thursday evening for the Grand Opening, no less, of the new restaurant upstairs at Ku De Ta, called Saltlick. One thing you gotta give credit to Ku is their never ending desire for making things better. This must be the 4th or 5th attempt to do something with the upstairs space, and while every single time I personally have enjoyed each new encounter and experience, they will just come back again the next year (or maybe a couple more) and do it all again. This year is no exception and once again they have exceeded themselves. It’s a fine dining steak grill. I only had a few morsels from the trays of canapé being proffered about by waiting staff, but when the dry aged beef came along, I tried a slice from the massive Tomahawk straight off the grill. Man, I had to let out a little gasp. Never has a slice of beef melted in my mouth so tenderly and completely. All the time, trays of canapes, profiteroles and mainly drinks; cocktails, beers, and fine wines were passing by way too close within arm’s reach. The evening continued in great form with many of the old crowd, yes, the old Seminyak crowd in attendance. Some work in media, some are Ku De Ta regulars and some are working in the F&B industry, but within all, it was like an old family gathering, getting back together in so many ways. For me, Ku De Ta is like that, old family. Make sure you get down to Saltlick at least once in your life to try that steak. I know I will be back for it at some point―probably have to rob the local bank first, though.

In a foolhardy manner, and after copious amounts of everything, a friend suggested we make a trip to Kuta, and I quickly pipe up with yes, let’s do Kuta Nightlife Part 3, referring to the third part of a story I had been writing about Kuta recently. Hmmm, of course, that was not the greatest of ideas. Fast forward a couple of hours, and a couple of stops in main street bars of Kuta, I’m out of money, lost my phone, lost my friend, found a new one, and not really sure what happened in between. Fortunately, I got the phone back from the Gojek car driver the next day. Bless him for coming all the way from Nusa Dua. Thank you so much and that was just Thursday night.

Saturday night comes around way too quick and it is the Grand Opening of Jade. Now, I’m thinking, Jade is just down the road so we shouldn’t get into too much trouble. When we arrive, it appears to be a real glitterati affair. A load of Jakarta folk were attending since most of the owners are from that fabled capital city. An old friend, Ms Penny is not known to hold anything back when she entertains and ‘if it’s a friend’s opening I likes to support’, she told me. The standing table hardly had any room to fit any more bottles, but she was ordering more. She had gone all out and there was more on the way. Gotta love that about some people, their generosity has no limit. Many friends, old and new, were at the opening, chatting, air kissing, laughing, and dancing to the music.

DJ Fonkeek was laying down the fine cocktail hour tunes while MOFU came on later to fill the dance floor with seductive sounds of the night. It was an all-round grand moment, with even a LIVE feed video featuring Todd English himself. It was a night to be remembered. We shoulda gone home right then, but of course we didn’t.

Somehow, all a bit blurry now, we made our way to ODIN where a special afro night was on with Nigerian guest DJ Neptune in the house. A very African crowd was in attendance. Everyone thinks of Russians being the abundant newcomer to this island, but it must be said, the African crowd is also huge and growing fast. That would probably explain why one sees so many afro house nights around town nowadays.

In the end I made it to Red Ruby, after a late plate of Padang. Rubes was pumping and another special DJ was performing. This time a German DJ, Marc DePulse. He was spinning a really interesting set that held the punters on the dance floor while not having to resort to bangers to keep the house moving. It was a very cool, kinda mellow set, but it worked. That’s the beauty of electronic music. With all the multi layered sounds anything is possible, and you never know what a talented DJ is going to bring to the house and the floor. Red Ruby was done, and so was I.   

And now another weekend beckons. 

There is always so much going on around this island. It’s crazy. Check the Events pages above for what’s on this weekend.

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Happy week to you all.


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