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The Beat astrologer Manish Kumar Arora reads into the next two weeks.

ariesAries ( 21 March – 19 April )
Professional and financial concerns will feature, but the focus or impetus about which course to take may come through partners or close associates. Your need for recognition and appreciation from others is at an all-time high during this period and you can be over-sensitive when the people around you don’t seem to appreciate you. Your love life heats up after the 16th. A partner is in a playful mood, and you respond in kind. The mood is light-hearted and communicative when it comes to your love life. Favorable Dates : 14, 17, 23 Favorable Colors : Blue & Red
taurusTaurus ( 20 April – 20 May )
Career concerns or responsibilities can be costly in time, energy or money. You may ask yourself what you want or what you want to do, as you stand at the edge of a risk or crucial change. It’s an excellent time to take stock of your life and to get your life in order–from your paperwork to your long-term goals and priorities. Striking a balance between energy spent on work and time spent on personal matters is essential now. It’s time to prioritize. Otherwise, you run the risk of over-extending yourself and alienating your loved ones. Favorable Dates : 13, 19, 22 Favorable Colors : White & Green
geminiGemini ( 21 May – 20 June )
You may begin a new, long-term initiative–perhaps a project or business venture–that will benefit you in the period to come. Success is very possible under this long-term influence. You may meet an important contact whose influence subtly but significantly changes the course of your life for the better. You have a strong desire to expand your family or your home. A pleasant surprise in the romance department is in store the second week – a period when most things seem to be flowing smoothly and in your favour. Favorable Dates : 14, 22, 23 Favorable Colors : White & Red
cancerCancer ( 21 June – 22 July )
This is a power period for you on a business and professional level. You enjoy a major boost of energy and activity in the first week. Your efforts will start yielding results. Your sweet tooth for material things is strong right now. Investments are favoured, but don’t take major risks. If you remain occupied, you may miss a good opportunity. A romantic partner is looking for more intimacy. Luckily, you are prepared to give it. Honest communication on emotionally charged topics, like power dynamics and shared finances, is the way to go now. Favorable Dates : 13, 17, 22 Favorable Colors : Blue & Red
leoLeo ( 23 July – 22 August )
The period is strong for you on a financial level. Opportunities to increase your income could come from travel or overseas, and good news arrives in the second week. If you have been on the fence about pursuing a love interest, the second week is a good time to do so. You may be inspired to create better health habits, or to begin a new diet or fitness regimen. You’re learning about sharing your resources (which can include money, possessions, your time, and your energy) with others in this period. Favorable Dates : 14, 20, 23 Favorable Colors : Green & Red
virgoVirgo ( 23 August – 22 September )
The cosmos will force you to get serious about your finances from the 17th, so it would be wise to start working on getting things in order before then. The good news is that you have the energy to do it. Your love life is speeding up, and a powerful attraction could be part of the picture. Your home and family become a major focus for you and a source of pleasure. You may have a strong desire to expand it at this time. These are power days for attracting love or cementing a current relationship. Favorable Dates : 16, 20, 25 Favorable Colors : Purple & Red
libraLibra ( 23 September – 22 October )
This period infuses you with strength of mind, quiet confidence and strategic ability. You may be ready for a dose of passion, but don’t step outside the boundaries to satisfy your needs. Reflect on your own drives and motivations. If you’re involved in sport or intense physical activity, begin a regime of self-improvement in order to lift your game. Your dreams and visions will be put to the test and you are called upon to back them up with hard facts. A business romance or partnership is a strong possibility in the second week. Favorable Dates : 18, 20, 23 Favorable Colors : Blue & Grey
scorpioScorpio ( 23 October – 21 November )
Your attitude shifts to a more responsible, practical one. Your finances get some attention this period. Issues surrounding what you own and how the finances of other important people in your life affect you may come to light. Career concerns, your own needs and the needs or demands of others all have to be met. Work will be required to find the balance of everyone’s requirements. Don’t let extremes or exaggerations sway your judgement. Review what you have or share with others and look at new strategies for conducting such affairs. Favorable Dates : 17, 21, 24 Favorable Colors : Blue & Yellow
sagitariusSagittarius ( 22 November – 21 December)
You are more resourceful than ever in this period, and your will power is stronger. If you so desire, you can rather effortlessly slip into a role of leadership. Self-improvement is the name of the game, and you stand to really get yourself together. It could be an excellent period for investments and speculation, as long as it’s within reason and you use strategic thinking. There could be a collision between your dreams and reality when it comes to personal finances, if you have not planned well. Favorable Dates : 15, 22, 24 Favorable Colors : Green & Purple
capriconCapricorn ( 22 December – 19 January )
You may be feeling low and dejected, and be on a self-fault-finding mission. You are especially sensitive to the appreciation and recognition you receive from others, both personally and professionally. Spend time in activities that will rejuvenate you. Also, spend quality time with your loved ones. You may not feel very much in control in terms of relationships during this period, but you have the opportunity to get in touch with what it is you actually need and want in your partnerships through your experiences with confusing or unexpected circumstances. Favorable Dates : 19, 21, 25 Favorable Colors : Red & White
aquariusAquarius ( 20 January – 18 February )
You need to keep your eye on shared resources. While you have a good handle on your own finances, you might find that others are either asking for financial support or their mishandling of money is affecting your life considerably. You may feel like you are not getting enough and you feel limited or restricted by situations. Circumstances may be such that you are called on to support other people in your life. You experience a distinct shift in your attitude towards pleasure-seeking activities in your life. Superficial romances simply don’t satisfy you any longer, as you seek more intimacy. Favorable Dates : 15, 17, 24 Favorable Colors : Purple & Yellow
piscesPisces ( 19 February – 20 March )
This is a good time for you to attract positive people and circumstances into your life. Your living conditions are apt to improve in this period, and you could find yourself feeling very proud of your family and home. This period can mean a real boost from family members, a new addition to your family, the urge to expand, re-decorate, and build your home and domestic life, or the beginning of a new, long-term project or business venture. You may have more energy to pour into work, organizing your personal environment, and health routines. Favorable Dates : 14, 21, 23 Favorable Colors : Red & Yellow
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