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Well, you’ve found yourself in Kuta, which is arguably the very heart of tourism on the island of Bali. The first thing that you should notice is just about every business caters to tourists, so if you are one, congratulations, you’re in the right place. Here’s a general guide to the Kuta nightlife. From day to night we have the latest list of places to go and where to hangout and have the time of your life

Now that the sun is setting behind the Indian Ocean and hanging out at the beach is no longer a viable option, what should you do? Fear not, after reading this handy guide you know everything about teh Kuta nightlife.

First off, what should you wear
now that day has turned into night? Well, one great thing about the general Kuta area and beyond is that beach wear is perfectly appropriate pretty much anywhere and at any time. Boardshorts, singlets, bikinis, thongs, it’s all good in this hood. You can also get dressed up, too. A pair of jeans is always a good option.

Your first priority before setting off into the Kuta nightlife should be getting a little food in your belly. Thankfully, Kuta is home to a plethora of dining options both for before you party and after.

Kuta nightlife - Sky Garden Rooftop

Dining in Kuta

One great option is just to head over to Sky Garden with its plethora of food choices. If gaining maximum calories for minimum bucks is your cup of tea, try their BBQ buffet upstairs on their rooftop which runs at 99k – includes free food and drinks for 4 hours. Downstairs is ESC which serves some excellent bar fare.

Another option is just going over to Beachwalk Mall where in addition to their excellent food court, you can check out the a number of restaurants including Johnny Rockets, Bon Chon Chicken, Dominoes Pizza, Dairy Queen, Burger King,and the more upscale Kitchenette, Tony Roma’s, Café Sardinia, Velvet, and many more.

Poppies Lane also has some great choices. Kori is a little more up market and Alley Cat’s has gargantuan portions at reasonable prices. If Japanese is your thing, try Take which is considered one of the best Japanese restaurants on the island. If you head north up Jalan Legian, Mama’s has some delicious German food that emphasizes meat. Another rock solid place is the Hard Rock Café which serves just about everything you would want. Don’t forget the 101 Legian, which serves excellent meals and hang out by the rooftop pool.

If you’re seeking food in the Kartika Plaza area, Flapjacks has some descent breakfast food among others, Ryoshi is a great and affordable Japanese restaurant and Paradiso offers some nice dishes in a bowling alley. If Chinese is what you’re looking for, check out Golden Lotus at Bali Dynasty Hotel. They also have an awesome Irish bar called Gracie Kelly’s. Al Dente is another great restaurant with excellent Italian food.

Kuta nightlife - Sky Garden

The Kuta nightlife

Ok, so now you have food in your belly, let’s get something else in there and find yourself a new friend to join you in the Kuta nightlife. You can start at Alley Cats, which serves as a backpacker surfer type pre-game spot, one can casually mix and get your drink on. Another option is Crusoe’s and the variety of smaller establishments around it where cocktails are cheap and meeting people is easy.  The Rooftop at the 101 is also a great place to get some more cocktails before heading out. Sky Garden has some of the best pre-game deals on the island and their drink specials should not be overlooked.

Once you’re really ready to party in the Kuta nightlife, if you’re in the Poppies area closer to Jalan Legian, then you’re at the heart of the famous Kuta nightlife. Eikon is a sweet club where both locals and tourists mingle to urban music. Vi Ai Pi features live music earlier then cranks up the bangers in EDM and urban vibes and the new Soka club also has some great moments and also free entry.  Sky Garden is a nightlife hub with multiple floors and eight clubs all under one roof. Their most notable is Sky Dome where all their big acts play. At Sky Garden, you can enjoy just about every genre of music designed to be danced to sans disco. If you’re feeling a little more roots, then check out Apache, where a more mellow rasta vibe with reggae music can be enjoyed. Keep walking up that road and you’ll also reach the Bounty Ship, which is has karaoke at the bottom and epic fun up top. By the time you reach Bounty and Paddies, which is another classic style Kuta disco, that should be the end of the Kuta crawl and you can definitely tell by the inebriation levels of the crowd.

If you’re closer to the beach, Hard Rock Café has resident bands playing live music every night and sometimes special guest performers, and Centerstage at the Hard Rock Hotel Lobby has nightly cover bands from 8pm. If you’re into live music, check out our special page with 12 top picks for live music in Bali.
So now you’ve hopefully met a friend or two and the clubs are closing, what to do? Head over to Pyramid on Jl. Dewi Sri (till 6am) or Deejay Club over in Kartika Plaza where the party doesn’t stop until well past sunrise. You could also grab something to eat at the variety of burger or Padang joints on Poppies or the ever popular McDonalds by the beach.

Next step? Go to sleep.
(SDW. 21 Dec 2017)
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