Music Mondays: Halim Ardie

Our next guest is one of the most thoughtful and talented residents we have here in Bali. Eco-conscious warrior and Rainforest Pavilion co-founder, Halim Ardie is on a mission to change the world through the power of electronic music. Raising funds and spreading awareness one dancefloor at a time. Check out what he had to say about his three favourite tracks as of right now.


“As a DJ I have developed my sound to showcase the diversity of Indonesia, and especially show off the amazing productions of my insanely talented producer buddies! For me that’s the role of a DJ, being a tastemaker and trendsetter but why follow the trends of Europe when Indonesia has some innovative and mind-bending sounds coming out of here?”



‘‘This gem has recently been released by the Jakarta collective Sunset People Project and features the work of former Jenja Jakarta resident DJ Angga. This tune is quite the earworm as it gives me the feeling when you just got your drink at the bar and you head to the dancefloor for a night of sweaty non-stop dancing.’’


2nd –PRABUMI – SILA [NadaSuaRaLoka]

“This one comes from long-time collaborator on my music collective the Rainforest Pavilion. I think that Prabumi might be Indonesia’s most talented producer out there, definitely a national treasure with all of the hard work he puts into representing Indonesian traditional instruments in his productions. I would suggest you listen to this one on a sound system or headphones because your handphone speaker won’t do justice to the bass frequencies that he came up with.”

3rd –ALECEO – JALAN JALAN [Deep Bali Records]

“One of my favourite sunrise tracks at the moment, this song just brings a smile to my face with its whole vibe. When you listen to it you really get the feeling of jalan jalan (the action of going around on a trip,) it really reminds me of being on a scooter and blasting through the Balinese countryside with good weather and the sun beaming on you. Also, this awesome label Deep Bali Records donates profits to Balinese children in need, what’s more not to love!”

Which one of these beauties is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Also, catch the full tracks in our linktree bio.


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