Chef’s Rec: Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café Bali has been a legendary Kuta venue for over two decades, welcoming all into their world of high-quality soul food, musical memorabilia and the ultimate rock star treatment. On this Chef’s recommendation, we dig in to two of their signature dishes!


Baby Back Ribs (239k for Full Rack / 129k for Half Rack)

First up… we’ve got Hard Rock’s famous Baby Back Ribs in all its 800 grams of glory, seasoned with their signature spice blend, then glazed with a house made barbeque sauce and grilled flawlessly. This mega portion was also served with a side of golden fries, coleslaw and ranch style beans. It’s truly a hearty feast for your eyes and your soul from its gorgeous gloss to a beautifully balanced smoky – sweet flavor. The imported Angus ribs were incredibly tender, lean and effortlessly parted off the bone, everything you could wish for in Baby Back Ribs. It’s an 11/10 from us!
BBQ Bacon Burger(169k for 227 grams / 129k for 170 grams)

Boy were we excited to see what this new recipe had in store! The new and improved BBQ Bacon Burger featured a flavor-packed 170 grams of black angus steak patty, some mean caramelized smoked bacon, crispy shoestring onions, cheddar cheese as well as some fresh garden lettuce and tomato for a fresh touch. The burger was oozing with Hard Rock’s signature sweet and perfectly tangy barbeque goodness and showcased mouthwatering layers of texture, served with a side of fries and house salad. These legendary burgers can see no wrong!

All in all, The Hard Rock Café has stayed true to their brand, serving top notch Rockstar quality meals every corner of the world. They’ve also reduced their prices, introduced a new menu that showcases Asian dishes and incorporated COVID protocols to keep you safe and sound. Rock and Roll never die(t)s!

Be sure to follow their Instagram: @hardrockcafebali
Dine in’s available: Jl. Pantai Kuta, 12am – 11pm

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