It was quite a weekend last week, starting at the Seasalt restaurant Alila Seminyak for a new menu and cocktails tasting session which moved into quite a raucous evening at the beat café. Saturday night was the big boxing night over at Old Man’s, Canggu, which may have gone a bit far here and there but a very popular night it was with the expat and local crew. We also had some visitors from Jakarta looking for trouble later Saturday night and had a pretty good time at Opera of all places. Not bad, not bad. Then Sunday was on for young and old at Omnia Day Club with Luciano providing some solid techno and Fat Boy Slim doing his fun house stuff at Ulu Cliffhouse. Add to that the normally rammed Single Fin Sundays and you would have to say Uluwatu area is becoming as busy as anywhere in the nightlife stakes. And it doesn’t stop there as this weekend, with Easter arriving, it is sure to be busy all over town.

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Check inside for what’s going on over the next two weeks. You can also find events information on and our instagram page @thebeat.bali. Watch out for another mad-capped weekend on the way.

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