Seems like the weather’s come back to menace us again. Thunder and lightning abound as we finish this edition of the beat, with occasional biblical downpours in the mix. However, this will only be around a short time longer as we head into March and beyond.

Nyepi is fast approaching, which can also signal the end of the wet season as well as being the start of the new Balinese year. The build up to Nyepi can be one of the best times of year to be here, with the processions and special ceremonies leading up to it. And then there’s Nyepi itself, starting Wednesday night, March 6. Enjoy if you are here.

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This low season has had some major acts coming from all over the world and it’s not letting up yet. In the next week we have Mark Knight (see the interview and story inside), Illustrious Blacks, Willy William and Marco Bailey in town. Check inside for where those shows are and a whole lot more to boot.

Have a great stay on the island.



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