You know we always try to do our best. Sometimes things come unstuck, we get a bit uptight and anxious, but we do try. It is a lot of work putting the beat together and we appreciate the people who support us in the way they do or can, by advertising, by picking up the mag and flicking through it, by just being there for the team. It’s easy to be ungrateful, we see it all the time nowadays. Thank you and sorry if we have let you down in some way over the past year. We didn’t mean it. This week we have the Islamic holidays of Idul Fitri that kick off on Tuesday evening, June 4 and Wednesday June 5.
Minal Aidin wal Faidzin.. mohon maaf lahir dan batin
This is the traditional Indonesian greeting during Idul Fitri. The first sentence is in Arabic and means, “May you be among those who return [to purity] and among those granted victory.” The second sentence is Indonesian for “I ask for your forgiveness physically and spiritually.”

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So holidays are fast approaching for the entire Islamic world and Indonesian school holidays start this week. Look out for the traffic and let’s hope it does get busy for a little while at least.
Check inside for all the events coming our way over this next two week period or any time on the website and Instagram @thebeat.bali. Happy holidays to you all.

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