Batu Bolong Beach

In what can be considered the center of Canggu’s current boom, Batu Bolong Beach currently has a whole lot to offer.
Batu Bolong is in the heart of Canggu way north of Seminyak beach and a tad bit south of Echo Beach. You can walk up the coast from Seminyak although you’ll have to fjord a few rivers making their way to the ocean so make sure it hasn’t been raining if you want to make the hike.
The first thing you’ll notice once you get to Batu Bolong is the large parking lot that borders a small seawall just before the beach itself. You feel a general surfer/hipster vibe at the beach with a plethora of post college adults making their way there to hone their surfing skills. It’s an easy going vibe and the beach out front only has a few loungers. The black sand gets incredibly hot and it isn’t the most pleasant beach to tan on although it’s an excellent location to check out the sunset.
Stuff To Do
Batu Bolong is one of, if not the easiest waves on the island. The sand bank directly to the front produces a slow mellow wave and a channel to paddle out in which is ideal for long boarders and novice surfers. On any given day when the swell isn’t huge, you’ll see dozens of surfers out there. Check out Paris in the parking lot and he’ll hook you up with a surfboard from his rental stand for an easy 50k a day. He’ll even wax it too. If it’s your first day, just ask him to find you someone to teach you for an hour.
Food and Drink Situation
For cheap eats check out Dian Cafe which offers both traditional Balinese and western food. Friendly staff and cold beer make Dian a local favorite. Old Man’s is a fun hangout on top of the hill. Nightly happy hour, good food, and live music make Old Man’s a popular hangout for visiting hipsters. It’s big nights are on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. For a relaxing sunset lounge The Yard offers cold drinks and snacks on the grassy knoll just across from Old Man’s. Blankets and pillows make The Yard a comfortable hang for friends and family while watching the sun kiss the world goodbye.


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  1. Krishna Chieppa

    Great article about Canggu! Very down to earth, just like Canggu. It would be great to do an article about Canggu’s growing Yoga community? Desa Seni, Samadi Bali, Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga, The Practice, Bali Fit, Chillhouse. All excellent yoga studios that really make Canggu into a Surf & Yoga paradise
    With Serenity

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