What’s all the Noise.

De La Noise hits the ground running!

We noticed DJ De La Noise pop up out of nowhere recently and all of a sudden seemed to be playing all over town. This is all in the last week. I’m not kidding. I thought this guy must be a mover and shaker – let’s check him out. So, we got in touch and asked a few questions to see what De La Noise is up to on the island. He’s only here for a month, let’s go!

How old are you and when did you start Djing? And why did you start Djing at all?

De La Noise. I’m 39 now, been DJing for over 20 years. I’ve always been a music addict and entertainer. I was making mixtapes on cassette tapes as a kid. Used to be a dancer (breakdance and hiphop) and was making mixes for the dance performances. I’ve always been interested in deejaying so when I got a chance to practice I took it!

Actually, at the beginning, I made a deal at a small club that I could practice before the club opened… and then I had to be a waiter the rest of the night. –smile- Very soon it became playing the first hour the club was open and soon after that I became a resident!

Good way to start. What kind of music do you prefer to listen to normally?

That really depends on the setting and moment, it can vary from (tech) house to Afro, hiphop and R&B to soul and jazz. Actually, I started out as a hiphop DJ back in the early 00’s.

Holland is full of electronic music and a lot of the top DJs come from Holland. Why do you think that is?

That’s a good question, and I can only guess, but I think we had an advantage years ago with the access to technology and internet and the freedom to explore and experiment. There’s such a big community of electronic music lovers now and I think we Dutchies always try to push the boundaries and be innovative.

You have been DJing now for a long time. What’s the best and worse thing about being a DJ right now?

The best thing for me is the DJing part on its own. Doesn’t matter if it’s a festival with thousands of people or a more intimate setting with a smaller crowd, I just LOVE playing music, taking the crowd on a journey, help them enjoy and get lost in the moment. That moment building towards a drop/climax and then seeing and feeling the people around you react to that is the best thing!!!!!

The worst is that since the first time having that feeling I’m never gonna be able to do without it –smile-  I can’t do a “normal” job or anything. Everything I do is about being the best DJ I can be.

I don’t want to sound old or anything, but what’s also “the worst” is that DJing for the most part is not about DJing anymore. “DJs” get booked for how many followers they have instead of skills!

And what’s a trick you learnt along the way that has helped out most?

Be yourself and be kind!! Be grateful for all the chances you get. And always bring a backup (usb) -smile-

How long did it take you to figure out how to master the massive drop?

I think after a couple a years I had the feeling I “mastered” quite some skills, but now I know better – smile- I’m still experimenting and learning every time. But by now, I dare to say, I am a really skilled technical DJ. – bigger smile –

And what’s your favourite place to hang out in Bali?

Oef so many places… love Canggu and Ubud, but also Sidemen is amazing. Still exploring the island and seeing more amazing places every time.

Where can people see you spin over the next month?

I had a great gig at Ulu Cliffhouse last Saturday, but at the moment I only have two more gigs confirmed:

Saturday 1 June: Odin
Sunday 2 June: Secrets by Totem @ Tabu

But, while I’m here I’m hoping to play some more gigs! Really love the Bali vibe and hoping to show off what I can do as much as possible and do even more shows next time I’m here.

I’m in Bali till June 5, then back to Europe to play some shows with Ultra Europe as one of the highlights!



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