Kuta Nightlife Now Part 2

So, David Trauts and friend are back in the centre of Kuta to find out what’s going on in the original nightlife hub of Bali. This is part two of our exploratory search into the unknown of Kuta nightlife. 

It was now Saturday night and we sat down right in the middle of the action, right where East meets West, the corner of Poppies Lane 2 and Jalan Legian. It took a while to find the right place to sit as we checked what each of the venues around that busy corner were offering. It’s a great spot for people watching and the two best spots for that have to be Avera and Ground Zero Kitchen, both are large restaurants and both newly sprused up and reopened since Covid. They both also have bands and the sounds of live music. Unfortunately, the music is way too loud. The age old problem of being louder than your neighbour to attract passersby is in full swing down that way and it must be said, it doesn’t really help anyone.

Hanging at at Avera and watching the world go by.

It was about 10.30pm and we decided on Avera and we walked in past the GR girls on the pavement, shoving pamphlets and flyers in our hands as we passed. We ordered a bucket of Singaraja beers, sitting down at the long bench table overlooking the street. This was the best vantage point to see all the action of the Ground Zero corner and we bagan chatting and watching the people pass by.

Dining is also available at Avera and the band is never too far away.

Before we got to Avera, we had also tried Brothers Club down the road to the north, which also had the music up too loud, so much so you couldn’t even think let alone talk. I pointed this out to the server, but I’m not sure whether he flag it, or couldn’t even hear what I was saying, but the noise remained the same as we walked out the door again. A quick walk down Poppies Lane didn’t come up with much either, as most bars were empty, with nothing standing out, grabbing your attention. I suppose it was a bit early, but it was Saturday night.

So now we are set up at Avera, overlooking the people walking past on the street, chatting to the staff and even the people sitting next to us. It is a friendly atmosphere, spirits are high and there are more people arriving on the street and in the bar as the time approaches midnight. They are people of all ages; local, tourist, expats. The band eventually finishes and the DJ gets started, cranking up some beats and things are now looking pretty good. After a couple of buckets of beer and some popcorn snacks, we were done and headed back to Sky Garden. By that time it was busy, and busier than anywhere else.

Brother Club is catering to a local and tourist crowd.

On the way back, a couple of hours later, we walked past Brothers Club again and stopped for a beer. There are plenty of young ladies there, most sitting solo at a table, which gave the impression if you wanted to sit you have to sit with them. And then buy them a drink. Interesting concept, and if I was in the mood I would have partaken, but we decided our central Kuta trip was over and headed for a taxi.

There are other small bars along Jalan Legian, heading north, not far from Ground Zero that seem to be busier than the ones in Poppies Lane. I think those small bars will be the saviour of Kuta nightlife. That was Kuta’s charm back before the superclubs came along and I’m hoping it will be part of its return.

Kuta is still an interesting spot. The nightlife is limited, but you can still find some fun, if you can just go with the flow and see what happens. Don’t expect too much fancinest, it’s not the place for that. 


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