Jokowi states six commands in regard to the Level 3 PPKM for Christmas New Year

Image: Jokowi delivers the message in the Presidential Palace. Credit: Youtube

As some tourism people around Bali were throwing their hands in the air in frustration, President Jokowi delivered six orders related to the PPKM Level 3, which will be implemented nationwide in December 2021.

First, Jokowi conveyed data on the development of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia, which have declined in the past week, ahead of the December 2021 PPKM.

“In the past week, our active cases decreased by 892, from 9,018 cases on November 14, to 8,126 cases on November 21. And for additional new cases there were an average of 362 cases every day,” he said from the PPKM Limited Evaluation Meeting, Monday (22/11).

Although there is a downward trend in Covid-19 cases, case control in the future remains the concern of the Head of State, and especially before and during Christmas and New Year.

“We will soon enter the Christmas-New Year holiday period, as we know that at this time the Covid-19 cases in (some parts of) Europe are rising. Therefore, there are several things I would like to say,” he said.

Jokowi then revealed his six directives ahead of implementing PPKM Level 3 throughout Indonesia in December 2021.

First, the former Governor of DKI Jakarta asked all ministries and institutions to be on the same frequency in facing this crucial month of December 2021.

“Once again, have the same frequency, don’t get caught up in sectorial egos, prioritize cooperation, prioritize coordination so that it appears that we have the same frequency,” he said.

Second, Jokowi reminded all that the kickoff of the Sherpa Meeting at the G20 Summit will be held in Jakarta, then the start of the Finance Track will take place in Bali in early December. According to him, the eyes of the world will be on Indonesia. Therefore, he emphasized, Indonesia’s ability to control the pandemic was really tested and mainly in implementing health protocols.

“Therefore, I ask that in detail later, the delegations will be accompanied by the Task Force (Covid-19) at the airport, at the hotel and in the hotel or resort environment to the venues. This is very important,” he said.

Third, Jokowi specifically conveyed directions regarding the implementation of PPKM Level 3 throughout Indonesia during Christmas and New Year.

“This is to be communicated properly to the public. Tell me about the development of cases, the increase in cases in Europe,” he said. According to him, this good presentation is very important as a background for decisions that will be taken by the government. The reason is, he said there were some who refused the implementation of PPKM Level 3 because they really wanted the situation to return to normal. “But we have to remember them that yes, tourism in Bali is indeed the most affected, but it also needs to be explained that if the situation is not controlled it will hit our economy and tourism back again,” he explained.

“Moreover, once again, we will host 150 meetings at the G20. Therefore, I ask that this field intervention really be carried out by the Task Force on existing events,” he continued.

Fourth, Jokowi has conveyed to the governors, regents and mayors to really balance the gas and brakes so that we can maintain the momentum for positive growth. “We know that in the second quarter it grew 7.07 percent, in the third quarter it grew 3.51 percent, and we expect that in the fourth quarter it will be better than the third quarter,” he said.

Fifth, Jokowi asked the Minister of Health to take anticipatory steps to ensure hospital readiness in the event of a spike in sick patients during late December and early January 2022. “Especially mapping the situation and especially in areas that have the potential to increase cases,” said the Head of State.

Lastly, Jokowi emphasized the acceleration of the vaccination program so that the target of 70 percent by the end of the year can be achieved.

Jokowi asked his staff to be more proactive in picking up the ball and also visiting the community.

In line with that, he asked for backups from the TNI and Polri, especially for the vaccination of the elderly, so that it is really carried out.

“I saw that the door to door action conducted by BIN was also good because this worked, the elderly were vaccinated. And we hope, especially for local governments that are still low on vaccinations, to be given special assistance,” he explained.


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