Hemingway Chef Cookoff at Bali Beach Glamping

Pictured above; Mandif representative, Chef Wayan, Chef Alexander, Chris Salans, Chef Fabian Sorlury, Bayu Retno representative.

Roasting Mental Health. February 18th, 2023. The event is organized with the Disciple Escoffier Indonesia and Chris Salans.

This Saturday evening is going to be a special moment for all food buffs on the island with a gourmet dining event happening at Hemingway, the spectacular, beachside restaurant and bar at Bali Beach Glamping, north of Tanahlot.

The proceeds of the event will go to Bali Bersama Bisa (balibersamabisa.org), a group providing inpatient rehabilitation services in Dalung for people all over Bali with mental health issues.

The Beat asked DJ Denton, one of the organisers of the event and fund raising organization, Right Reasons, what the event is all about.

DJ: There are five chefs from around Bali fine dining restaurants coming together to cook one dish each. The chefs found out last Monday what dish they will be cooking at a presentation at Beachwalk Mall. They drew cards like a raffle to find out which protein (more or less) they will be cooking on the night. The guests at the dinner will be the judges of the competition, choosing which dish they felt was the best. It should be a load of fun and remember, the proceeds will be going to a good cause.

Tell me more about the BBB organization and how the money will be used.

DJ: Bali Bersama Bisa is a community center with support groups – for people diagnosed with cancer, HIV, or are physically disabled, bipolar, schizophrenia, transgender, blind/deaf and have mental health issues. They have workshops on suicide prevention and other mental health related activities. The facility/community space has a total of 10 beds and will cost eventually about 100 million a month to operate at full capacity. Hopefully the Cookoff can get it started on a smaller scale now and then we do more events and things later in the year.

Is the facility already operating?

Yes, but not with stabilization and 24 hour care. Now it’s just “drop in” and with some scheduled groups…. But the psychiatrists and psychologists are already available to meet and provide treatment.


There are still a few spaces left for the dinner. Be quick to join up for a great night out and in turn help the community at the same time.



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