Editorial. This week in Bali.

I’ve noticed that many DJs, clubs and collectives around the island don’t promote themselves online with a music background on their posts. I don’t get it. You may notice The Beat does make a point of finding music for just about every post we make on Instagram. It does my head in sometimes trying to find it, too. The reason is quite simple. To show the style of music that’s going to be played at that event. I’m not sure why others don’t. Are they too sophisticated to promote what they do? It does help people, newbies, know what genre of music they are up for, right?

Future10 are in town this weekend. Anton Wirjono is like the founding father of house music in Indonesia, I interviewed him many times back in the day and recall going to their first big rave they put on at Ancol around 2000, I think it was. It was a bit rough in those days, but good times indeed. I remember stumbling around in the bushes at times while the trancie progressive stuff was pounding away to thousands in the crowd. So, Future10 are on at Klymax this Saturday.

Another interesting event could be the Nuanu Nights show at Nuanu City, north Canggu this Saturday. In a very inclusive style they are opening the doors of the venues, all four of them right now, to prospective collaborators and punters alike, with entertainment and fun times. Enjoy DJ-sets, exhibitions, musical improvisations, jam sessions, and much more. That’s from 4pm but you need to buy a ticket.

Just to let you know, we have made a deal with the Kabana group recently, so if you need Guestlist to K Club or Sardine events, or even Les Toilette, just give us a buzz before 6pm on the night and we can arrange it – hopefully.

One of our many intrepid reporters, Julia was at the Lounge in the Sky opening last week. From 35 metres above the ground you get the opportunity to dine in stayle and see Bali from a 360 degree vantage point previously only enjoyed by the birds. The platform rotates sedately as you dine, you can choose from 4pm, 5pm or 6.30pm take off times to enjoy the sun, sunset or the sparkling evening lights from your table. At the official launch event, Julia and other distinguished guests enjoyed a historic Barong dance performance in the air, paying tribute to Bali’s rich cultural heritage. Guests were also well catered for in the exclusive lounge prior to take off. The floating platform can accommodate up to 32 guests at a time, offering either an hour-long three-course dinner or a 40-minute canape platter expertly curated by Rosalita’s Cantina, the official caterer for this experience. Lounge in the Sky already has restaurants in over 65 countries, including Australia, China and the US, so the concept is well tried and tested (and in case you were wondering, very safe!) So what did Julia think of it all? “Exhilerating and such an amazing experience!”
Find out more by clicking here. 

Up, up and away with Lounge in the Sky

And meanwhile, another weekend beckons. 

There is always so much going on around this island. It’s crazy. Check the Events pages above for what’s on this weekend.

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Highlights in the Bali nightlife this week?  There are always plenty of parties and shows on around the island…. Bali never ceases to amaze!  Check out all the events, both featured and regular, on thebeatbali.com/bali-events.

Happy week to you all.


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