Vita Luxe Nail & Beauty Bar @Level 21 Mall

They everything for your nails.
Located at Level 21 Mall, Vita Luxe Nail & Beauty Bar boasts a chic Parisian design concept, featuring elegant architectural flourishes like floor-length windows and classic wood paneling. It all comes in a simple palette of black and white that spreads elegance, with velvet chairs and modern chandeliers complementing the beautiful décor. Vita Luxe Nail & Beauty Bar houses five pedicure chairs and four manicure stations, as well as a private room for waxing and face treatments.
We got to try their Vita Luxe Signature Manicure (235k) and Vita Luxe Signature Pedicure (260k). It was truly a relaxing affair, and what we loved about these treatments was that it used herbal products, which did not only bring benefits to our skin, but also possessed a nice, earthy aroma as its minty effects kicked in. The manicure began by a hand soak, followed by nails and cuticle care which included nail trimming, shaping and buffing, as well as getting rid of the dry skin around the cuticles. A similar procedure also applied to our feet, added with removing the excess callouses which left our feet super soft and smooth. Keeping us spoiled, we were then treated with skin exfoliation and a massage on our lower hands and legs which added another plus point into these treatments. Done with the manicure and pedicure, our experience was finalized with a full set of Acrylic Extensions (500k), using cutting-edge product by Hand & Nail Harmony which is known for its high-quality performance and an ultra-fine, bubble free application. It was done carefully by their nail professional, starting from pasting the lightweight plastic plates, followed by the application of the acrylic itself. As it dried to hard finish, the extensions were then shaped and buffed to achieve its perfect look. The final touch was the application of gel polish of our choice.
At this nail salon, there are hundreds of nail polishes of various celebrated brands to choose from. As the official sole distributor, they have a selection of Morgan Taylor and Deborah Lippmann nail lacquers, as well as Gelish gel polishes. Adding to these luxury collections, they also offer high-end collections from Dior, Chanel and Tom Ford.
There is so much to find here for your nails, from manicures and pedicures, nail polishes and nail arts, to their most sought-after nail extensions. Not only do they provide the finest selection of treatments, they also ensure the best client service as they are staffed by a team of nail professionals who received trainings directly from Gelish. Their menu also consists of waxing, threading, eyelash extensions and reflexology, and that means they are so ready to get most of your beauty needs covered.
Vita Luxe Nail & Beauty Bar
Level 21 Mall, Jl. Teuku Umar 1, Denpasar
0813 3862 9647


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