Karma Spa: Your Passport to a New World of Wellbeing

Nestled at the award wining resort on the cliffs of the Bukit, Karma Spa consists of four rooms divided into two locations, three on top of a cliff and the other right at the beach. We got the luxury to do the treatment in one of their cliff spa rooms. The scenic Indian ocean greeted our eyes as we stepped in. The room, with its blue ocean cliffside views, houses one lavish couple’s room decorated with beach vibes. We could almost feel the sea breeze sweeping our skin through the white curtains that hung gracefully beside.

Karma Spa offers a wide range of treatments to create experiences that promote relaxation, balance and a sense of wellbeing. We tried their apothecary massage bar called “Feel Empowered”(IDR 1,250K++) for 120 minutes starting with a 15 minute infrared detox sauna session to eliminate toxins from the body. The therapist led us to their private open – air cliff top and assisted us to step in to the sauna room and left us soaking in the jacuzzi while enjoying the wonderful scenery and the sound of gentle lapping waves. After that, the therapist escorted us back to the spa room to receive a fully body scrub followed by a firm massage. The ultimate way to unwind and restore energy.

To enhance the spa experience, Karma Spa works with the acclaimed organic skincare company, Sensatia Botanical and Jamu Tonic, to create a blend of local products that utilize lavender, cinnamon and coconut oil. They also created a scrub made from magnesium – filled sea salt to deeply cleanse the skin.

In addition to offering a selection of the most sought-after spa experiences, Karma spa offers a series of innovative treatments that push boundaries and bring new meaning to the concept of “Create a Wellness”. Highlights include a Balinese Wellness, a transformative experience that combines the sacred Balinese massage with a healing jade stone, to be used in a luxurious massage along specific points of the body to stimulate chi, circulation and bring guests on a spiritual spa journey, alone or as a couple.

Karma Spa
Karma Kandara,
Jl. Villa Kandara Ungasan
T. 848 2200


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