The well-known spa on Sunset Road has now come to Batu Belig.
Having opened their second spa recently, Cozy is now pleased to share the great times with those who are in and around the Batu Belig area. Arriving at this new spa, guests will be greeted by a green lawn, with water features trickling water creating a soothing sound that welcomes. The spa itself has a very rustic feel in it. It is clean and neat, with the combination of blue and white enhancing the atmosphere. Cozy offers two types of treatment room; the three chair rooms with a total of 18 reclining chairs and one bed room with 19 beds. Last but not least, they also have a juice bar.
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The 60-minute “Cozy Scalp Sensation” (159k) really got us feeling over the moon, and it was indeed a great way to relieve tension from within our heads. We moved to the treatment room where we sat on a reclining chair, and the treatment began by stretching our shoulders. Our therapist’s hands then moved to our heads where our scalps got the best of this treatment. The scalp massage was performed with gentle moves applied on the right pressure points, bringing us to the deepest state of relaxation. They also worked on our feet, shoulders and neck. All the pressure felt just right, and we were finished off with warm towels. The treatment ended with more stretching, and we were then given a final hair wash which included hair conditioning, hair tonic application and blow drying. What a complete treatment for something that only mentions ‘scalp’ in its title, and it was genuinely a very good treatment.
For this treatment, Cozy offers nine types of hair products for the scalp massage. They are different products for differing hair conditions, and can be chosen personally by the guests. The first three are Cozy’s own natural blends which are combined with olive oil. The blends are banana and ginseng for natural hair, avocado and celery for dry hair, and lime leaf and aloe vera for the oily hair. The other six are produced by L’Oreal, with the options for those with normal to troubled hair.
What we love about this spa is their very personalized service, even when the treatment is done in a shared room. This includes an iPod handed to you which contains music to be played while you are being treated. Not to mention the enjoyable atmosphere which is supported by a brigade of friendly staff, nice design and charming smiles.
Jl. Batu Belig No. 77, Kerobokan
T. 0812 3850 6655


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